'I knew this is where I want to be'

'I knew this is where I want to be'

'I knew this is where I want to be'

If Adam Walker’s mother hadn’t persuaded him to complete his final year of college abroad, he would probably be still living in New York.

He moved to Barcelona where he not only finished college but also travelled to 11 countries in the few months that he was there. The travel bug then led him to Kenya where he lived for a while before moving to India two years ago.
“I initially came to Mumbai and decided to move to Bengaluru as the opportunities are better here,” says Adam, the founder of ‘Hummingbill’, a finance managing startup. Even though he likes to call himself a ‘chameleon’ and can adjust in any place, he says that Bengaluru was a refreshing transformation.

     “I found Mumbai very claustrophobic as there are too many people living everywhere, even under bridges! The urban planning there is bizarre and there’s very less greenery to enjoy. Bengaluru, on the other hand, was a refreshing change. When I came to visit the city before officially moving here, I knew this is where I want to be. The quality of life and ecosystem are much better here,” he says.

During the weekends, Adam enjoys spending time with his friends and exploring new restaurants in the city. Some of his favourite restaurants are ‘Red Fork’ for breakfast, ‘The Tao Terraces’ and ‘The Warehouse’ for their music and ‘Doffpub and Lounge’ for drinks.

 “When I tell people that I like ‘dosa’, they often ask if I even know much about it. I proudly tell them that the best place to have it is ‘Lakshmi Natraja Refreshments’ in Chickpet,” he says with a smile.

 “And I am a member of ‘Treatcard’ which is associated with a lot of restaurants in the city. I use the card to get discounts on my meals which is great!” he adds.
Another aspect of Bengaluru that he enjoys is the microbrewery culture. He says, “I like the fact that there are so many options for restaurants and pubs in the city and the microbrewery is an addition too. But I don’t like going there too often because of the loud music. The later you go at night, the louder the music gets. It annoys me.”
However, when he’s not trying out new places for food, Adam is busy travelling across the country.

   “Hampi is one of my favourite places in the south and Rajasthan in the north. I’ve done both smooth and rough rides. When I made a trip to the north, I went with my mother and we had our own private vehicle that took us everywhere. But during my trip to Kodaikanal, my friend and I travelled for about four hours to the
National Park and then realised that it was closed. We then had to hop onto a
vegetable truck to get us back to civilisation! It was crazy and also a great experience!,” he exclaims. Growing up has also been an adventure for Adam. He hails from a town that is popularly known for sleeping on the train and waking up in Poughkeepsie.

He says, “It’s a charming area where many historical figures own a plot. I had a pretty interesting childhood — I realised much later that my mother is Jewish and subscribed to the New York City Ballet while my dad is a Catholic and is much of a redneck. So I grew up with this weird dynamics where I cut wood with my dad and went to the city often with my mother. I also got very bored as I was the only kid in the neighbourhood. Video games, books, sports, piano and violin lessons were my companions.”All his travels and childhood adventures only prepared him to be where he is in life now.

He has made a home in Bengaluru and hopes to continue growing here.

However, Adam has a few concerns. “I dislike the fact that there is a lack of respect for pedestrians and cyclists. It’s very annoying when the drivers in front of you don’t turn on their signal and when you are about to cross, they blame you for it. The sound of horns is also quite jarring. I also wish the streets were cleaner and not filled with garbage.”

Nevertheless, he is happy to explore more opportunities here and make the most of it in the years to come. “There is so much to see and learn in the city. I can’t wait for more adventures!” he says.

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