The thrills and spills

The thrills and spills

The thrills and spills

These wolves are no lone rangers but only hunt in packs. Bike riders with ‘Wolfe Pack India MC’, a bikers’ club, say they prefer to be nicknamed as ‘wolves’ because they have in them the thirst for adventure and passion for travelling.

‘Wolfe Pack India’ was formed to encourage serious and responsible riding among young people and build the next generation of dedicated and adventurous riders.

The vision, says Marshal Ronad, one of the oldest members of the club, is to create a pan India family. Marshal firmly believes in involving families in the team’s activities which, he says, is an inherent quality of every wolf. So, it’s not only the riders who enjoy going on long rides but even their families are encouraged to come. 

The group has become popular only through word of mouth and none of the members have had to work extra hard to get people to sign up as members. Brothers Abhishek and Ankith Srinath recall that their parents were initially reluctant to let them go on long rides.

“It is natural for any parent to think it is risky but it’s only after they got familiar with the rest of the group that they felt confident enough to let us go,” says Abhishek, who joined the group first and then brought in his brother Ankith.

“The first thing that I did after I got my driving licence was to buy myself a bike and join this club. I learnt how to ride as a group only after I joined them and picked up the basic rules of discipline when riding from the members of this group,” adds Ankith.

There’s a sense of belonging and a feeling of oneness among the members of the group, feels Naga Karthik, another member, and it is this quality that got him to sign up with the group.

''Here, there is a set of rules that every rider of the group has to follow and nobody has to reinforce those rules because it is an automatic process. Those who get familiar with the group play by the rules and the discipline is automatically inculcated in all of us,” he states. 

There are a few other members of the group like Francis Joseph, who has ridden in a group only after he joined the club.

 “None of the members ever leave you behind. When we are going on long rides, we watch out for each other. Not many other groups in the city have this quality,” feels Francis. He also says that he never wanted to join a group unless he was sure of their riding capabilities and the culture. The group has had many a memorable ride and Marshal finds it hard to single out any one. “Every ride with the ‘wolves’ is outstanding.

There are many that we can talk about, narrate stories about how we were stranded in the middle of nowhere, how our motorcycles broke down and similar situations. Even after all this, we are still longing for more,” says Marshal.

A few other members such as Sourabh Sujay and Prashant point out that it’s not only for going on long rides but also the warm and friendly ways of the members that has kept them hooked on.  “We are always there for each other even when there are no rides. Whenever there’s an emergency, we call each other first and know that the group is always there,” says Sourabh.

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