When action meets adventure

l Power-packed pair

When action meets adventure

Actor and producer Sonu Sood and Hollywood actor Jackie Chan have been friends for a long time. It’s not just their work that brought them together but also the fact that their wavelengths and thought processes match perfectly. The two actors are sharing screen space in ‘Kung Fu Yoga’, slated for a worldwide release on February 3.

     Sonu, who is presenting the film, says the project has everything one expects from a Jackie Chan venture — high octane action and comical moments. The story of a treasure hunt goes beyond just marrying kung fu and yoga. The high budget film has been shot in very exclusive locations, including the deep caves in Iceland. In an interview with Nina C George, Sonu Sood talks about the making of the film and his association with Jackie Chan.

When did the two of you decide to work together? We have been contemplating collaborating on a project for a while now. Kung fu is a Chinese martial art and form and yoga originates in India. We thought it would be a good idea to mix the two. I play a prince and Jackie dons the role of an archaeologist. In our separate paths, the two of us are on a common mission — to find a hidden treasure. The story takes a turn when the two of us come face-to-face with each other.

Tells us about your character in the film.

I go by the name of Rendall in the film. He is a modern-day prince who gathers a team of people to hunt for the lost treasure that belonged to his ancestors. The treasure went missing from the palace thousands of years ago and Rendall is keen on getting it back. Although I play a prince, my body language, costume and accent don’t change. They have been kept simple and relatable.

What are some of the action sequences that one can look forward to?

There’s a massive car chase between Jackie and me that has been shot on the busy stretches of Dubai. This scene is interesting because you will see the most expensive cars and bikes being blown up mid-air. We also have a similar chase sequence in a cave in Iceland. However, the climax action scene is a fist fight between Jackie and me.  

What preparations have gone into the project?

I trained with Jackie’s team for more than a year. In kung fu, the punches are pretty quick. By the time you have packed the first punch, the second one would be in your face. The martial art form is fast and requires quick thinking. I also had to train my mind to move at a brisk pace.

What do you admire about Jackie?

Jackie is very passionate about cinema. He works very hard and I learnt a lot just by watching him go about his business. He came over to India and did well to move from one place to another, to promote the film. He went beyond just talking about the script and the movie and merged with the culture of the people here. We also made sure that he got a feel of Indian culture. He was treated to authentic Indian dishes and sweets. He
relished Punjabi food, with ‘butter chicken’ and paneer-based dishes topping his list of favourites.

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