Air India sees 19.5 pc rise in sales revenue from Gulf

Air India sees 19.5 pc rise in sales revenue from Gulf

The results reflect a rebound in the region's air travel sector "during this period, the seat factor went up from 71 per cent to 80 per cent which could be achieved due to right sizing", he said.

The Indian carrier operates nearly 200 flights each week in the region. Even for Air India, this is a very important market and we operate over 200 flights per week – 80 flights under IC code and 100 flights as low-cost carriers operating to 17 destinations in India, Pathak said.

He, however, admitted that per seat yield went down slightly during the period. "Despite the fact that things have been really bad across the globe, we haven’t budged and the whole world is looking at our markets," Pathak added.

"We have had to play with the inventory to ensure yield," he added. Globally, the aviation industry passed through rough weather over the past couple of years, first due to steep fuel hike followed by economic recession.

Citing a report, Pathak said while overall air travel revenue reduced by almost by 22 per cent, Air India was marginally affected. "We have placed orders for 111 aircraft comprising Airbus and Boeing planes to meet the requirements of different markets.

Out of the 46 Airbus aircraft, 44 have already joined our fleet and we have replaced old fleet with new the state-of-art aircraft fully-loaded with all onboard facilities," he said. "Air India will continue to products and services at a competitive price to enable trade partners to sell more aggressively," said Pathak.

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