Surprises in the air

Surprises in the air

It’s that time of the year again when cupid is on a roll. The season of love is here and the little magical shimmer of excitement in the air is felt by everyone — whether they are taken, promised, hitched or waiting.

For the ones who are lucky enough to have found their soulmates, this occasion also brings with it a challenge that they have to surmount to win the hand of their true love — finding the perfect gift. It is no more about chocolates or teddy bears this Valentine’s Day; though these still do melt quite a few hearts. Experience-based gifting is the buzz word when it comes to the millennials who are all set to woo their partners with a ride in a luxury car or a personalised song. And there are a host of companies offering their services to help make this day an unforgettable one for the couple.

Says Aditya Loomba, joint managing director, ‘Eco Rent A Car’, “Renting luxury cars is quite a fad among youngsters and we have witnessed an increase in bookings for luxury cars like Mercedes, Audi and Limousines during this time. Many young couples are even opting for Chrysler Limousines to spend quality time with each other, away from the usual rush.” And it doesn’t end there. “There will be freebies like cakes, premium chocolates and fruit champagne for the customers along with a red carpet welcome. We can even arrange for a guitarist to sing and strum their favourite tunes inside the limo, on demand,” he adds.

Bhavya Chawla agrees with the fact that there is a change in gifting trends. The chief stylist at ‘Voonik’ says, “Valentine’s Day can also be a day to celebrate with our family and friends. So people are moving away from cliched presents to gifting spa massages, beauty packages, holidays and so on.”

There are even special offers for couples tying the knot on this day. “We wanted to make this day of love a special one for couples who are tying the knot on V-day,” says Sandeep Aggarwal, founder and CEO, Droom.

“For that, we have launched a microsite where couples have to register themselves and tell their love story. Based on the social media responses, a couple will be chosen and the groom will get a chance to ride into the wedding in a supercar.” If your regular bunch of roses seems to be a little dull in comparison, hold on because there is more. ‘Oyehappy’, a startup founded by cousins Varun Todi and Harshvardhan Khemani, specialises in offering thrilling and romantic experiences. Imagine a 15-feet banner proclaiming your love. Or a five-minute long flower shower in typical Bollywood style; a helicopter ride; a room full of balloons; even a customised flash mob — the possibilities are varied and in some cases, seem too good to be true.

But even love comes at a price these days and there are couples who feel that Valentine’s Day is becoming too commercial an event; losing it’s significance in the process. “It is all about who got the most expensive gift or who spent the most money. Even flowers and chocolates are not enough anymore. I see posts on social media where couples boast about getting smartphones and even diamonds,” says Reenu, a professional. Her husband, Roney Mathew, chimes in, “It is no more the thought that counts. If it was only about spending time with your loved one, then a walk together or a long ride should do. Spending thousands to impress your loved one and then being broke for the next few months is hardly practical.”

Shabeer agrees but he feels that if people have money to spend, then there is no harm in splurging a bit. “The whole thing is about creating memories together. Ultimately, the delighted smile on the other person’s face will make all the effort worth it,” he says. They say you can’t buy happiness (or love) with money. Umm, we beg to differ!

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