Tiny tots in awe of flying machines, inspired to become pilots

Aiming high

Tiny tots in awe of flying machines, inspired to become pilots

Watching planes zigzag across the sky, do nose dives and tumbles at Aero India 2017, little children have been impressed so much that they all now want to become pilots.

Class IV student Arya D B loved the displays and told his mother, “Mama, I will become a pilot and perform at Aero India some day.” Because he could not go closer to the planes parked in the restricted area, Arya promised his mother that he would take them all to the tarmac and allow them to sit in the aircraft.

Aircraft parked at the exhibition area were just photo props for adults but these future pilots were eager to sit in the cockpit and try out the instruments.

“Tejas, my favourite”

“I like the air show very much. Tejas is my favourite because it flies with such speed!” said Class V student, Swaroop S. Before seeing the air show, Swaroop had wanted to become a dance instructor. Now, his ambitions have changed and he wants to become a pilot. The indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas seems to be a favourite among children.

Tanav Kiran also liked the Tejas the most because of the stunts it performed in the sky. While he was never particularly interested in aeroplanes before, now he says, “I like the Scandinavian Cats because they stand on the plane and wave. I want to become a pilot and fly such aircraft! I am not scared at all.” Tanav is also a photography enthusiast and clicked away on his DSLR camera the whole afternoon, capturing some formations of the Surya Kiran aerobatics team.

Of the red, yellow and black planes, five-year-old Manvi Sharma liked the black ones best. Her reason, “I have white toy aeroplanes at home so I like the black one.” Unlike the other children, Manvi does not want to become a pilot because she has bigger plans. “I want to become a monster!” she said.

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