Behind the lens

Behind the lens

Behind the lens

Deepika Padukone sported it in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ and made it a fad. Recently Alia Bhatt pulled off the geeky look in ‘Dear Zindagi’. Think no further — oversized and geeky spectacles that are much larger than the usual ones are in the spotlight now.

While they act as the perfect add-on for any ensemble, they are also a great shield for the season.

There was a time when big frames were considered apt only for the elderly. This isn’t the case now, says Pavi Poovappa, a model. “From broad rectangle frames to huge round ones, the shapes are many and varied. Big is the trend now. Oversized frames are considered classy and stylish, and they come in combinations like plastic, metallic finish and more,” she says.

One can also see actors sporting oversized glasses  be it in on screen or outside. Sneha Nair, an upcoming city-based actor, who loves wearing these, says that the best part about these frames is that they are trendy and accentuate one’s features. “Just like the curiosity of seeing the face behind a veil, when a large pair of glasses are worn, they draw attention to other features of the face too,” she adds.

Be it a corrective pair of glasses or a pair of sunglasses, the big look is a planned trend for the season. “They have maximum protection. Also, when one wants to keep it simple with a tee and a pair of jeans, adding an oversized pair of glasses brings in a serious and classy touch to an otherwise funky attire,” she observes.

“Sport a plain lens oversized frame to a meeting or a discussion and you’re sure to draw more attention,” she adds.

While these are great accessories, the geeky frames also protect the eyes in a better way, says Aviraj Satyam, an MBA student and a professional model.

“With the scorching  Summer here, it is easy to look tired and catch eye ailments. This is where the big frames step in —  protecting one from the UV rays and tan around the eyes,” he says.

Actors like Johnny Depp made the studious look trendy and this is what has made the oversized glasses a trend among men, observes Aviraj. “With everyone trying to break stereotypes, fashion isn’t behind. And it’s interesting to see how fashion from the 70s are transforming the way people look now,” he adds.

Black is the most common option for such frames and Deepa Rachel, a professional model, points out that they add a quirky tinge to any attire, be it Indian or Western. “The cool or the classy quotient is defined by the user. One can sport such a pair of glasses with a ‘ghagra’ or with a chic multi-printed attire and look dashing,” she says.

Deepa adds that if the person wearing them isn’t confident enough, he or she wouldn’t be able to pull the look.

Bold is the new beautiful and this is one of the reasons these frames are great to jazz up a look, says Shalini Sinha, a fashion stylist. “These frames, especially in black, are the most evergreen yet trusted addition to any look. One can’t mess up with a black-coloured frame as they suit any attire,” she adds.

While social media adds to the hype, Shalini points out that fashion is becoming accessible by all and is also turning out to be unisex. “These frames in the choicest colours can be worn by men or women alike.” All set to try the bold look this season?