Surprise in a box

Surprise in a box

Surprise in a box

How often have we agonised over a purposeless gift while ruing the fact that nobody got us the one thing that we really wanted.

It was after witnessing one such scenario that the idea of ‘Wishtry’ took shape in the founders’ minds. Shailie Parekh, co-founder and vice-president, reminisces, “What fuelled our imagination was a personal experience at our friend’s wedding, where we witnessed them receive a lot of unwanted gifts. Even though guests were asked not to bring any gifts, a few family members and friends still arrived with expensive and unnecessary gifts.

Upon seeing this, we thought that if only one could prepare a list of gifts and disseminate it to their loved ones, just like the concept in the west. That was how ‘Wishtry’ was born”

Quietly revolutionising the gifting landscape in India, the simplistic yet effective online gift registry allows the user to browse through different websites, select the gifts that strike one’s fancy and add it onto their list. “People can create lists for varied occasions like wedding, bachelorette party, housewarming party, baby shower, birthday and many more,” explains Aditi Mehta, co-founder and president. “They can then add products from various websites both national and international and can share that list or maybe a particular product with their friends and family. These people can then go to those links and buy whatever products suit their budget. Moreover, if someone doesn’t like the items mentioned on the list, one can also contribute through cash,” she says.

In today’s increasingly online world, where everyone is turning into an online shopper and where e-commerce sites are becoming the new malls, an economical and innovative gift registry comes as a blessing to many, especially those whose gifting abilities are somewhat challenged. Says Yogita Parekh, co-founder and CEO, “If I want to search for a gift for my friend, I would not want to buy something that she doesn’t need but at the same time I cannot ruin the surprise by asking her what she wants. Nowadays, people are very outspoken and they know that their friends are going to get them gifts to make the occasion special. And through this portal, one can save their time and energy and not buy or gift something that their friend does not need. Hence, this gift registry is a win-win situation for both the guest and the host.”

Asked about some of the reactions they have got till date, Shailie talks about the positive response they have been garnering. “A wish list is no more just a wish but an actual service one can avail free of cost. This is especially beneficial in times of flourishing e-commerce websites. And I have had some youngsters tell me that it is the best thing that could have happened to them since their parents got them so many gifts that they did not like.”

Asked about future plans, Shailie elaborates that they are planning to increase the ease and convenience of shopping for gifts in many ways.

“We want to have our own bar code scanners where one could go to a store and just scan the bar code of a product. This will automatically be added to one’s ‘Wishtry’. We also want to tie up with smaller stores and websites who would like to promote their products. If a user adds a product of one of these lesser-known portals to their ‘Wishtry’, it will increase the website’s traffic and enhance our affiliation with
varied portals.”