'River Seetha vented dam vulnerable to water force'

'River Seetha vented dam vulnerable to water force'

The issue of low quality construction work of the vented dam across Seetha River at Kotambailu adjoining Kadur village was discussed at the general body meeting of the TP.

Kadur TP member Bhujanga Shetty said the vented dam is vulnerable to the water strength and the water is leaking almost everywhere. It is the only water source available for Kadur, Heggunje, Shiroor, Kudi and Pejamanguru. The leak has resulted in acute shortage of water and water will be exhausted within 10 days. The dam which was built at the cost of Rs 1.98 crore has completely failed to fulfil the purpose, he criticised.

Member Sunitha Shetty said the dam be repaired immediately as the locals are struggling to overcome water scarcity. TP president Nalini Pradeep Rao instructed the officials to take measures to set right the problem within two days.

Regarding water being contaminated in the pond at Chantaru, Handadi member Sudhir Kumar Shetty said the pond is internally connected to two huge wells and offers water to Handadi, Chantaru, Matpadi, Aroor and Heranje villages. “The pond belongs to the Minor Irrigation Department, but, the Fisheries Department has adopted the pond to breed fish. The fishes reared are caught using fishnet. The water which is at the bottom level is totally contaminated,” he said.

The Fisheries department official said they had a tie-up with the Minor Irrigation Department to breed fish in the pond, spread over 40 hectares of land belonging to the Fisheries Department. Tender was called for fishing to be taken up in the pond and two men from Karkala are given the responsibility of catch fish.

A member urged the Department to stop fish breeding and fishing in the pond. The president said the department should issue a notice to the tender owner to not indulge in fishing for at least three months until the commencement of monsoon.

Member Dhananjaya Kunder demanded immediate steps to tackle street dog menace and urged that sterilisation should be taken up. An officer said the street dog menace is bothering all GPs. Due to insufficient funds, the Department is incapable of sterilising or vaccinating the dogs.

“The standard operating procedures for implementation of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme has been brought out to ensure that uniform and professional standards of care for the stray dogs. Each dog incurs expenses up to Rs 1,500. Any company that takes up the ABC programme is reluctant to come if there is a small group of stray dogs. Hence, two to three GPs should join hands together and take up the programme. Tender should be called at gram panchayat-level,” he added.