For soft senses and warmth

For soft senses and warmth

For soft senses and warmth

Houses reflect the personality of the people living in it. People give utmost significance to creating the right decor for their homes. For home owners who are looking forward to decorating their houses, furnishings and upholstery play a major role in setting the right feel for the interiors.

As the upholstery fabric can boost the look of simple furniture pieces, it is essential for the person to choose them keeping in mind many variables. Right from sofa sets to rugs to carpet and curtains, everything needs to be well complemented in order to create the right ambience in the house. To make the decor look stylish, yet contemporary, it is pertinent to choose fine furnishing fabric that will greatly lift the interior of the house as well as serve its purpose well.

With an enormous assortment of fabrics available in the market, customers need to stay informed about what fabric materials are trending so that they can choose fabric according to their style and current trends.

With a fresh new year, our thoughts will entertain some home polishing...So let us see the few fabric trends that will likely to be expected across the country-and possibly in our own abode:

 The latest trend that is creating hype these days is plain fabrics with textures on it. Currently, it is all about natural fibres and natural textures that are playing a significant role for contemporary interiors.

 Velvet will be in much fashion in 2017 as well. Velvet is everywhere, whether it’s fabric on clothes or upholstery. Big and bold patterns on upholstery are the newest trends in sofas and couches.

Geometric prints to romantic floral designs in velvet base will be all across sectors in interior markets.Earlier in 2016, plain velvet fabrics were in trend, but in 2017, keeping the base same, fabrics are gaining momentum with big and bold patterns.

 Green colour is the new pantone colour for 2017 — so any fabric, whether it’s
velvet, silk, satin, chenille or cotton — that which will suit the season and ambience of the house is great to go in 2017. Green as a colour, brings more life to the
interiors and represents new beginnings.  Apart from green, muted colour palettes, such as black and white or cream and indigo, are likely to remain on trend. Black adds a touch of elegance and luxury, while shades such as cream, ecru and ivory are extremely versatile.

  This year, terracotta is going to be the favourite. Terracotta is also going to work with earthy tones and sandy hues. Tones of beige and brown that are reminiscent of nature’s geographic marvels will inspire decor too. Textile trends will be dominated by warm tones, nature-inspired wooden tones to create a connect with the environment.

 More rustic and less minimal theme will continue to add thrust in 2017.
Textured surfaces, metallic finishes and iridescent highlights are going to be in trend in. With the incorporation of the above textures and patterns, consumers are creating warmth in their interiors.

 This year, the ‘70s colours and textures are coming back, where big and bold
patterns will be seen in varieties of textures and fabrics.

 Fluid fabrics will be in trend too. They are high quality fabrics which are not
synthetic, but are soft.

  Materials that are reflective and iridescent, like silk, or satins with sheen will resurface strongly. Mineral, marble inspired prints and graphics will add
artisanal textures to your interior spaces. Marble prints in fabrics like velvet,
chenille, satin, cotton are going to rock the year by bringing in a new concept.

 Technical textiles inspired by animal and organic structures, and are flexible will also be in vogue.

 In terms of motifs, nature offers us many inspirations. Butterfly, a popular motif in kids decor will surface repeatedly. Many interpretations of the butterfly in different forms like print, woven and embroideries add dimension to a classic motif. Look out for these!

  Spendthrift floral patterns, embroidery, jacquards and lace dominate will give rise to astonishing fascination this coming year as well.

(The author is director, Rumors Fine Furnishings)