Smartron to launch next-gen IoT wares in next 12 months

Smartron to launch next-gen IoT wares in next 12 months

Smartron to launch next-gen IoT wares in next 12 months

Smartron, a startup which has R&D locations in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, said it will focus on strengthening Internet of Things platform Tronx with the launch of eight next-generation smart IoT products over the next 12 months.

In an interaction with DH, Smartron Founder and Chairman Mahesh Lingareddy said the company is finding huge opportunity in building a strong product ecosystem around its Tronx platform.

“We are focusing on strengthening the platform so that we can bring more products to the market and provide  intelligent and customised services and experiences to our customers,” he said.

Lingareddy said Tronx would provide unique experiences across devices and places.
“We want to build a broader product ecosystem under the AI-powered Tronx IoT platform. We are trying to build some of them organically and the rest with our partners,” he said.

He said the primary focus of this platform will be in verticals like smart home, personalised health, smart energy, intelligent vehicles, enterprise, infrastructure and agriculture.

“It will bring in next generation of smart devices, sensors, services and care to consumer, enterprise, industrial and infrastructure markets,” said Lingareddy.

He said the company would like to use the platform to come up with quality analytics and give clients insights and seamless experiences.

“We believe society is going towards smart life, and we want to integrate various products so that a seamless experience can be provided,” said Lingareddy.

The company launched tphone smartphone, and a 2-in-1 device tbook in May last year.  The company is also supplying 10.1-inch Tablet to Saudi Government exclusively. In less than two years, the company has launched three products based on its Tronx IoT platform.

New investments

“We are now planning to launch eight more products, which might include wearables, mobile, enterprise, smart home products. They will address the various segments of society as per requirements,” he said.

Smartron recently invested in e-bike company Volta Motors, and currently, the company is known as Tron Motors. “We are engaged with multiple startups that are synergistic with our target IoT verticals so that our larger game plan in the IoT space can be realised,” he said.

The company has around 250 workers at its Bengaluru and Hyderabad offices.
“We have a 200-member engineering team, and they are designing and engineering our next  generation of products that can compete globally. We have already invested Rs 100 crore, and plan to double it this year,” he said.