An affair with crystals

An affair with crystals

Well into her sixties, Dr Gulrukh Bala is what someone would ideally call a complete person. An ascended master and the founder of ‘Heartlight Ascension’, which is supramental yoga, Gulrukh discovered her own spiritual gifts when she was quite young.

She consciously decided to break her rather fast-paced existence and dive deep into meditation and what she discovered in that journey is what she shares with the world today. She is also fondly called the ‘Crystal Queen’ of India because she has, over the years, tapped into the power of crystals to heal any ailment.

In the city to deliver a series of lectures, Gulrukh, who has a 25-year career as soul coach, spiritual director, energy healer, meditation master and counsellor, took time
off to chat with Nina C George.

How would you describe your journey so far?
My journey into awakening began at birth. I was keenly aware among my siblings and friends that I was different. My life is about simplicity. I grew up with very loving parents. The question that kept arising was, ‘What are you doing in your life?’ One day, I decided to meditate and what I discovered was unstoppable. Listening to the silence gave me answers to who I am. The tests of life remain but my higher self keeps me in a place of clarity and power.
How do you help youngsters deal with identity crisis?  
We need to sit down and be gentle with ourselves. We have forgotten how to sit with ourselves and spend some time alone. Everybody is running away. I call this ‘pattern interrupt’. People will have to interrupt this pattern and take charge of their lives.
How do you help transform lives?
Transformation is all about ‘pattern interrupt’. We all have patterns of fear, dread and low self-worth and of feeling incomplete. We change this qualities by motivating people through three methods -affirmation, visualisation and ‘pattern interrupt’.

There are a lot of books written about positive thinking. Are they really helpful?
It’s up to the person entirely. When you are ready, you can take away one word and change your life. We are ageless bodies, timeless minds with a brilliant heartlight.
How did your fascination with crystals begin?
My affair with crystals began when I was a little girl. As I grew up, I began learning about A grade therapeutic essential oils and my interest in crystals grew deeper when I discovered how their combined powers can heal lives. We have a crystal for any kind of ailment. You can heal your body with crystal energy.  
In today’s fast-paced life, how does one cope with pressure?
People almost always come to a breaking point before they decide to make a change. Today, youngsters are wired into their jobs. Children have become robotic at a very young age, thanks largely to societal and parental pressure. Family relationships have taken a backseat and priorities have warped.
According to you, what is the primary difference between the lifestyle in the West and in India?
The West has taken the riches and beauty of the East. They have hungrily taken to yoga, meditation, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda and our teachers of merit. Gandhian values are at the fore right now. Vegetarianism has expanded all over the West. Sadly, our people here are losing identity rapidly by subscribing to the ‘culture’ of the West.
How do you stay positive and happy?
The remembrance of my noble parents, lineage and ancestors keeps me constantly grateful, positive and tall to be able to dance with the waves of life. It is important to know that we are beings of immense power.
(Dr Gulrukh Bala can be reached on 09870006610 or

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