Humour on stage

Humour on stage

Play time

The play ‘Riding Madly Off in All Directions’, organised by and in support of India Foundation for the Arts, will be held on March 30, 7.30 pm at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Malleswaram.

The play stages Stephen Leacock’s humorously satirical work with the verve of a Motley Production directed by Naseeruddin Shah.

The play features Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna Pathak Shah, Heeba Shah, Imaad Shah and Vivaan Shah.

It is a continuation of Motley’s attempt to bring literature on stage.
Stephen P H Butler Leacock was a Canadian teacher, political scientist, writer, and humourist.

Between the years 1910 and 1925, he was the most widely read English-speaking author in the world, known for his light humour and keen reflections on people and their foibles.

 A medley of Leacock’s ruminations, it brings together stories that have absolutely no connection with each other, with the exception of Leacock’s absurdist imagination in action.

The audience can enjoy watching the Shah family in action as they explore the many inflections of humour from worlds that are empathetic, dystopic and everything in between. For details, call 23414681.