A refreshing decision

A refreshing decision

Drink matters

A refreshing decision

There was a time when one could pack a few eatables and carry a flask of tea from home to enjoy during a movie show. However, the emergence of multiplexes forced us to drop that idea and consume whatever is available at the theatre, even if it means buying a costly bottle of water to quench your thirst.

In that context, the government’s decision to allow sale of tender coconuts in multiplexes and cinema theatres comes as a rather ‘refreshing’ move. A circular to this effect would be issued to all city corporations to provide licence for the sale of tender coconuts. Minister of State for Municipal Administration, Eshwara Khandre, stated the same recently.

His reply did not make it clear whether tender coconuts as such or packaged tender coconut water sale would be allowed. However, there is no proposal before the government to ban sale of aerated beverages and other cool drinks in multiplexes and malls.

“I think it’s a great move, especially for someone like me who cares about healthy eating and drinking. A typical movie experience in Bengaluru lasts for about five hours — getting to the theatre of my choice taking into account the traffic, watching the movie and then getting back home. I eat every two-and-a-half to three hours and at a multiplex, I have no choice but to consume the unhealthy junk food available at exorbitant prices. The food ends up costing twice as much as the movie ticket and I am not happy with it either,” says Swati Jain, curriculum developer at an ed-tech startup.

“Also, I am an environmentally conscious person but to quench my thirst, I end up buying a bottle of water since I am not allowed to carry even that. If something as healthy as coconut water is available there, costing probably as much as a big can of Coke, I will happily choose that over an aerated drink,” she adds.

Lakshmi Kanth, a real estate professional, who is very fond of tender coconut, says, “It adds to another option. Whether available directly or packaged, coconut water is organic and healthy and most people would enjoy consuming it, especially during the summer. It’s also a wonderful choice to introduce to kids.”

Voicing a similar opinion is Sriharsha Nagaraj, a software professional. “I am a nature lover and believe in eating healthy food. So I would definitely go for tender coconut. However, it also depends on people’s mindset and preferences. I feel it’s only good to have an option on the side.”

Nutritionist Ryan Fernando from ‘Qua Nutrition’ says that it is a step in the right direction, given that health awareness is steadily improving. “Given an option, 15 out of 100 people will choose coconut water as a hydration beverage during a three-hour movie. It is mother nature’s natural electrolyte drink. In fact, it was used in the 19th century to hydrate soldiers. Also, every other beverage available at multiplexes is usually a foreign import or philosophy. Coconuts have been grown in India for thousands of years. Consuming something so natural is like going back to your roots.”