Pearson bets big on Indian market

Pearson bets big on Indian market

Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment (PCTA), the operating business unit of Pearson India, which launched HireMe app in India last year, is now planning to launch it in other countries.

“HireMe is available in the Indian market since mid last year, and it will now be available in other countries. A few companies that are using our app in India have given a very good feedback,” said Philip Kurian, Country Manager and Director, PCTA.

HireMe helps prospective job candidates apply for open positions at companies. The app also helps hiring managers find the best talent through research-based assessments.

“If you look at the future, there is nothing beyond mobiles. We can control lifecycles or activities of employees of our clients,” said Mark DeRugeriis, COO, Assessment Innovation — a partner of Pearson who co-developed a mobile assessment solution.

When asked why Pearson chose India first, Karen Chiang, Vice President-Growth, Talent and Emerging Markets, Clinical and Talent Assessment at Pearson said, “The Indian market is quite different from other countries, as the volume is huge here, and secondly, emphasis on communication is amazing. Communication among people is very strong. And the third one is the sophisicated system available in India compared with other countries.”

“Indian companies are very systematic due to volume or environment, and workflow is very well-defined. If we are going to promote any talent product, we keep the Indian market in our mind; we look at cultural issue, language issue, and also the local movement,” she said.

Pearson works in all aspects of the talent market. “Now, we have started diversifying into other industry segments like manufacturing, banking, finance and other industries/areas from a global perspective,” said Karen.
Over half of the Fortune 500 companies are Pearson's clients.