Ambition - A wild beast

Ambition - A wild beast

The feisty feelings of ambition are nurtured by many of us. In varying degrees, various types of ambition exist in various people. It could be self-related ambition to procure prodigious wealth. It could be power-related ambition to possess phenomenal fame and power, be it in any precinct. It could be profession-related ambition, to pitch oneself up to reach pinnacle of success. It could be academic-related; or even ambition to amply spread abundant joy/cheer around. Or simply the ambition to instill ambition in others in being successful in life!

Incidentally, the word ambition doesn’t have as much negative connotation as the word ‘avarice’ or ‘cupidity’ has. In fact, it is this ambition that gives meaning, significance, direction to life, besides a sense of fulfillment, especially when one constantly has challenging target aims/goals. After all, life is simply not about surviving and sustaining, but also about surging ahead, sailing through stupendous successes, by slaying negative forces and surmounting several snags and stumbling-blocks, which sometimes try stymieing our successes.

Interestingly, this robust feeling of ambition is somewhat similar to a wild beast. Just like in touring circuses, when controlled by the ringmaster, the wild beasts remain obedient/harmless; in the same way, when these flaming feelings of ambitions are controlled by our mind (apparently, which is like the ringmaster), these ambitious feelings remain subdued and restrained. In case, the streaks of ambition are left unhindered/unchecked, they turn out to be like a reckless wild animal, going berserk on a rampage, in the wild jungles!

This apart, an over-ambitious mind imbues one with unhealthy competitive spirit, with success-at-any-cost obsessive mantra. Obviously, as offshoots, an over-ambitious person, seldom hesitate indulging in moral transgressions. He doesn’t mind even sidelining domestic duties, by neglecting aged parents and his own children. And, in case of a failure, in any arena, his mind breeds the other deadly destructive negative emotions like intense anger, frustrations, etc.

So, ultimately it is left to us, whether to treat our ambition like the wild beast in the circus – tamed and controlled. Or, like the ferocious predator in wild jungles, which obviously start preying upon our inner peace, health and happiness!