On Regina's success run

On Regina's success run

Rising stardom

On Regina's success run
Regina Cassandra signed her first Tamil film when she was 16 and there has been no looking back. The actor, who has established herself in Tamil and Telugu cinema, is basking in the glory of her latest Tamil-Telugu hit, Maanagaram / Nagaram.

In an exclusive chat with Sunday Herald, she talks about her films and what makes her versatile.

How do you feel about ‘Maanagaram/Nagaram’ being a super-hit?
I knew it would be a good film. With all my Tamil films, I’ve tried to give the audience the best, as they’re close to my heart. Though I started my career with Telugu films, home has always been Tamil cinema. I ensure that I choose a good film. When I started shooting for Maanagaram, I knew Lokesh Kanagaraj was a fabulous director. He was focussed and knew what he wanted. I knew I was part of a great product, but I didn’t know how successful it would be.

You’ve not been seen much in Tamil cinema...
There’s quite a bit happening in Tamil cinema currently and I’m so happy. For the longest time, I’ve heard people ask me why I wasn’t doing more Tamil films. Now, I have director Selvaraghavan’s Nenjam Marappathillai, Ezhil’s Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen, Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum and Sathyasiva’s Madai Thiranthu. I feel like I have
dabbled in different genres, and that’s what I enjoy doing.

You’ve had a more visible career and worked with more popular names in Telugu than in Tamil...
In terms of doing more films, yes. But now I feel I’ve almost done an equal number of films in both the industries. Sure, I’ve worked with more well-known actors in Telugu cinema. I haven’t given much thought about why I haven’t been signed on for films with more well-known actors in Tamil. I focus on great scripts and characters. My concept of being successful is when people talk about a film in entirety. For instance, Maanagaram is being spoken about for its story, screenplay, direction, rather than just performances.

In the film industry, the yardstick for being a ‘big actor’ is which hero she has worked with...
I agree, and that’s how it has always been. But I think all of us are going to be a part of so much change in cinema. People’s perspectives are changing. I don’t want to be seen as the conventional heroine with four songs and some scenes. I can also do that, but an actor has to be versatile. And I want to be able to do both.

As someone who’s clearly versatile, have you considered heroine-oriented scripts?
People have approached me with such scripts. I don’t think I’m there yet, to carry a film on my shoulders. I don’t think I’ve the experience for that yet, and I have a lot more to dabble with before I reach that stage. Kangana Ranaut’s Queen or Margarita, with a Straw is the kind of film I’d like to do. Experimental or quirky films that are realistic are what I’d like to do.

Are you open to scripts from Malayalam and Kannada film industries?
I did do a Kannada film (Suryakanthi) when I was in college. There were not too many offers that came my way from these industries. If good offers came my way, then I’m definitely open to working there.

So, 2017 will see many releases of films featuring you...
I feel like 2017 is a huge change for me in many ways. There has been a lot of hard work put in last year and I’m waiting to see the outcome.

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