Songs of life

Songs of life

Songs of life

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Beth Hart was inspired to learn how to play the piano when she was barely four years old. She writes and composes music based on instances from her life. The singer-songwriter has released several successful albums. Beth will perform on April 22 in the city on an invitation from Total Environment Music Foundation. In an interview with Nina C George, Beth talks about what her going.

What inspired you to take up a career in music?
The real reason I took up piano lessons was because  my family was going through a horrible time with my parents fighting a lot. Learning how to play the piano was a way for me to seek out comfort.

What is the best part about being a musician?
Music is such a wonderful space to get out all your feelings; whether fear, joy, pain, sorrow or anxiety.

How important is it to develop one’s own style?
I think that every musician, writer, actor and dancer is born with their own style. But they don’t think that it is good enough and try to change to be somebody else.

Do your compositions reflect your experiences?
I write, paint, play music and dance, inspired by instances from my own life. It would be a lie if musicians say that they aren’t influenced by their own experiences.

What have you planned for your India tour?  
I always write my songs only on the day of the concert. Nothing is planned in advance.

Do you believe in collaborations?
I wouldn’t collaborate with someone unless I feel it will be a learning experience. I also don’t collaborate unless the opportunity presents
itself well.

What is your advice to aspiring musicians?  
If your only aim is to be a star and make money, don’t be a musician. You have to enjoy making music and recognise that the gift that you have, makes you happy.

How do you ward off negativity?
I am not a positive person by nature, so I really have to work towards making myself feel happy. I achieve this  through meditation.