Don't back India on global forums: AASI to African Union

Don't back India on global forums: AASI to African Union

African students seek UN probe into attack

Don't back India on global forums: AASI to African Union
African students in India called upon the countries they hail from to withdraw support to New Delhi in all international forums to protest the recent attacks on Nigerians in Greater Noida.

The Association of African Students in India (AASI) also supported the call by the envoys of their countries based in New Delhi for an independent investigation by the United Nations Human Rights Council into the assaults on its members so far.

AASI president Samuel T Jack said the organisation was completely in support of the moves by the dean of the African Group Head of Missions in India.

“We are totally in support in calling for an independent investigation, and also to take India to the UN Human Rights Council,” Jack said in a statement uploaded on AASI’s Facebook page.

“In addition, we also call for a complete withdrawal of support for India by all the African countries in all international forums,” he said.

The envoys of African nations had on Monday called for a probe by the UNHRC into attacks on people from their countries in India.

A mob had assaulted four Nigerian students of a private university after some local residents in Greater Noida blamed African people studying and living in the city for the death of a local youth, apparently due to narcotics abuse.

Punish attackers, says UN

The United Nations has expressed hope that those behind attacks on African nationals in India would be brought to justice, PTI reports from New Delhi.

“We do very much hope that people who are responsible for the attacks are brought to justice,” spokesman for the UN Secretary-General Stéphane Dujarric told reporters in United Nations on Monday.

Dujarric was asked about the incidents of attacks on African nationals in India and whether there was any UN response or intervention to prevent these attacks.
Dujarric said there was no UN involvement that he was aware of.