A slice of Thailand

A slice of Thailand

Spicy route

A slice of Thailand

You will need to hunt around a bit before you can finally locate this place. Even though the location is Brigade Road, ‘Thai House’, which was earlier ‘Lan Thai’, is a hidden gem which many Bengalureans are not aware of. Located on the ground floor of Fifth Avenue Mall, the eatery is more of an open space with white umbrellas and small compact tables in between rows of shops that blare Bollywood music.

Don’t go by the looks though. ‘Thai House’ is one of the top picks in the city when it comes to authentic Thai food, made using galangal and khaffir among other thai ingredients. Visually appealing, the food is a right balance of textures and flavours though vegetarians may find their options to be a tad bit limited.

But for non-vegetarians, it will be difficult to pick out their favourite from an extensive menu. While the ‘Chilli basil beef’ is a perennial favourite with the customers, the ‘Pad thai chicken’, the fried beef with basil leaves and fried egg and garlic seafood with rice are other recommendations.
The ‘Pad thai noodles’ are served with chicken/beef/prawns according to one’s choice in which soft fettuccine noodles are served with chunks of roasted meat along side crushed peanuts and cabbage or bean sprouts. The ‘Thai grilled chicken balls’ are medium-sized chicken balls served with a really spicy sauce. The chicken is soft and cooked to perfection.
The ‘Noodle soup’ is another delicious option with the light broth and gigantic pieces of chicken. Another must have is the deliciously sour and pungent ‘Thai red curry’. Other things to look out for are the ‘Seafood glass noodles salad’, ‘Raw mango salad’ and the ‘Egg fried rice’.

It is also a seafood lover’s delight with exotic options like squid and octopus finding a place in the menu along with regulars like shrimp and more. Vegetarians need not despair as the place makes sure to serve you meals worth remembering too. The ‘Raw Papaya salad’ is a harmonious mix of sweet, sour, spice and crunch. The papayas and peanuts provide a much needed break from the chillies and a sprinkling of garlic adds an extra kick.
The ‘Tofu and mushroom stir fry with basil’ is another appealing option. The tofu is nice and crisp and the mushrooms add that extra zing. The ‘Pad thai flat noodles’ are served with delicious crushed peanuts, lemon wedges and spring onions, making it a wholesome meal by itself.

The menu is pretty exhaustive and the portions, including the amount of meat, are quite generous while the prices are certainly on the lower side.

‘Thai Place’ is located on 5th Avenue Mall, Ground Floor, Brigade Road.