Simple delights

Simple delights

Casual dining

Simple delights

If you’re in or around Church Street and looking for a cheap meal option, there’s an entire line of eateries to your rescue. A small addition to the many joints located near The Entertainment Store is ‘C Sharp Kitchen’. The eatery serves breakfast, beverages, rolls, all-day dining options and snacks as well as lunch and dinner.

The place doesn’t really have an ambience to boast of and there is limited seating. One can simply place their order at the counter and then find a spot to sit. The food is freshly prepared and served from the kitchen inside. They have a number of pocket-friendly items to choose from. Go for a light bite or tuck into a heavy delight, depending on your appetite.

Since the eatery opens around 8.30 am, those rushing to work can drop in for a quick, filling breakfast. If you like starting your day with eggs, you can take your pick from dishes like ‘Bread omelette’, ‘Stuffed omelette’ and ‘Fried egg’.

There is also an ‘Egg combo’ which comes with two pieces of eggs, tossed vegetables and bread. Incase you want something heavier, go for the ‘puri’ or ‘paratha bhaji’. Gulp it all down with a choice of ‘tea’, ‘coffee’, ‘lassi’, ‘buttermilk’, ‘fresh juices’ and ‘milkshakes’.

The place usually sees a lot of students and office crowd coming in the afternoon for a meal. The ‘rolls’ are one of their fast-moving items. Available in stuffings like ‘Aloo corn cheese’, ‘Veg schezwan’, ‘Chicken schezwan’ and ‘egg’, a single roll is generally enough to satiate your hunger.

In the Chinese section, there are the usual items like ‘fried rice’, ‘noodles’ and ‘manchurian’. However, go for the full portions only if you are in a group as it’s quite a bit to finish. The ‘veg’ and ‘chicken’ combo with noodles/ fried rice and a main dish is apt for one person. They also have pasta and mini meals in ‘chicken’, ‘fish’ and ‘prawn’

The good part about the pizzas here is that they are nice and light and don’t make you feel stuffed.

If you happen to visit at a time between lunch and dinner, you needn’t worry as the all-day dining menu will ensure you don’t return hungry. ‘Grilled’ and ‘Cheese grilled’ sandwiches (both veg and non-veg) and ‘parathas’ in ‘aloo’, ‘onion’, ‘gobi’, ‘cheese’ and ‘kheema’ stuffings are served all-day long at the eatery. A few snack options also add to the variety.

All in all, the prices are reasonable and the many items on the menu cater to your hunger pangs, even late into the night.

‘C Sharp Kitchen’ is open from 8.30 am to 1 am. It is located at 48, Church Street. For details, call 7022558555.