'Movies are about expressions'

'Movies are about expressions'

Candid chat

'Movies are about expressions'
Sandalwood actor Ekta Rathod is more than excited about her upcoming film ‘BMW’. Having taken baby steps into the industry  through ‘Masterpiece’, the young actor is out to explore herself through varied characters. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, Ekta sheds light on the project and more.

How did ‘BMW’ happen?
My friend Akash, who is also a co-actor in the movie, suggested my name to the director. I was called for an audition immediately, the director liked me and I was onboard.

What convinced you to take up the role?
Though my role is of a college student, the same as in my earlier project, this role  has strikingly different characteristics. This movie has a comic twist to it and is a college-based story.  The movie is a remake of a Gujarati move called ‘Challo Divas’.

Did the movie remind you about your college days?
Yes it did! The movie has scenes from a regular college-going girl’s life; from the moment she wakes up to when she hits the bed. The movie will remind people of their own college life.

An interesting scene from the movie...
There is a scene where I am doing my makeup and my friends keep calling to check where I am. I lie that I am already on my way to meet them. It reminded me of things I have done in real life.  

A bit about your role...
I play a modern stylish girl who has a flirtatious side to her. But everyone in the movie has equally important roles.

How similar are you to your role in real life?
I am a very fashionable person but I do not flirt. I liked the role for its vibrant side.

How was this role different as compared to the other characters you have played?
Though I played a student in ‘Masterpiece’, the fun moments of college are what I really enjoyed in this project. From funny times to witty comments, the movie has it all. It should be out in a couple of months and the whole team is really excited.

Are you worried that you will be typecast in similar roles?
I’m sure I can carry off other roles really well. My upcoming movies will prove that I have the mettle.
Being a model-turned-actor, how different are the experiences from each other?
One just needs to have the right attitude, strike a pose and walk well on the ramp. Movies are about expressions and proving one’s acting prowess. One has to be comfortable in front of the camera to be comfortable in the field.

Your next project…
The shoot for ‘Siliconn City’ is done. The project has Suraj Gowda in it. I play a very
significant role in the movie, which adds a twist to the script.