A carnivalesque feel

A carnivalesque feel

Cricket fever

A carnivalesque feel
India’s premier T20 extravaganza arrived in Bengaluru in true style on the weekend. The stadium was packed to the hilt for the IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Delhi Daredevils and the entertainment level soared steadily as the game wore on.

The various lounges soaked in the excitement with everybody’s attention fixed on the pitch. The luxurious ambience and enticing menu lent the perfect setting for some high voltage action. Arjun Somasekhara and his family enjoyed the atmosphere in the lounges. Arjun said “My children Reny and Luca are first-timers to a live IPL match.” His wife Lana McHugh added, “All this excitement is new to me and the energy is indeed quite infectitous.”

The corporate lounges saw everybody from CEOs to ordinary people having a good time. Gaurav Munjal, Managing Director, Accenture and his wife Bhavna O Munjal, a visiting faculty at NIFT, said that they couldn’t have asked for better Saturday night out. Bhavna said,“I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t see Virat but I hope to watch him play in the next match.” Gaurav added that he was floored by the ambience and layout of the lounge setting.

Jatin Purohit and Samar Khan, both employees of TCS, brought their overseas clients for a first-hand experience of IPL. Jatin said, “Occasions like this give us a chance to break the ice with our clients.” Samar added, “We also get a chance to give the clients an insight into our food and culture.”

Youngsters like Hani Kunil, Pavitha and Sanaya chose to spend their Saturday night at the stadium. “It doesn’t matter even if you don’t follow the game. You can still have a good time when you are with friends. The excitement always doubles when RCB is on the winning path,” said Hani.

Wearing colourful headgears and dressed in team jerseys, spectators were seen dancing, hooting and shaking a leg. Sarvottam Kini said, “I am having a double treat; being with friends and watching my favourite cricket stars in action. I picked up some accessories just for the match.”

Among the spectators was a fair sprinkling of expats, most of them tourists. Riv Monsell and his wife Beth Philips from England planned their vacation to India in such a way that it matched the IPL schedule. Beth said, “My husband is a big fan of cricket and I love the entertainment that happens on the sides. I got one side of my face painted with the RCB colours and also bought myself an RCB jersey before coming for the match.” Riv said that he couldn’t get enough of the excitement and thrill. “Watching my favourite stars like Sam Billings and Virat Kohli certainly takes the zing to another level.”

Expatriates who had come on business tours also came to get a quick glimpse of the action. Tao Lin, VP Engineering, Movimento and a native of China, took time off his busy schedule to watch the match. “I don’t follow cricket but I love it when the cricket frenzy reaches a feverish pitch inside the stadium,” he said.

The IPL is all over the place and the buzz on the television caught Canadian Kevin Maguire’s attention. Kevin said “I’ve seen such craze for football and baseball back home. Here, I can’t help but join in the hooting, cheering and thunderous applause for the cricketers.”