'Our sound keeps evolving'

'Our sound keeps evolving'

'Our sound keeps evolving'

The band ‘Eccentric Pendulum’ is what it is today thanks to their passion for metal music. The members — Kaushal LS, Arjun Malky, Arun Natarajan, Ankit Suryakanth and Vibhas Venkatram — strongly believe that it is their musical connect that keeps them going.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the members talk about their music and more.

How did you come together as a band?
Vibhas: We were all individually playing music in different bands and realised that we couldn’t explore certain nuances of music as part of those bands. We knew each other’s tastes and what we were getting into.

How did you zero in on the band’s name?
Arun: We had a bunch of names in mind. We decided to go ahead with this one as we all liked progressive music. A pendulum keeps time but an ‘eccentric pendulum’ would be something which is erratic and that’s what we wanted to define our music.

Is it true that initially it was just supposed to be a studio project?
Vibhas: Yes. We came together, wrote five songs that included ‘Cut Through The Light’ and the ‘Sculptor of Negative Emotions’ and brought out an EP. It was supposed to be just that. But we realised that it was a lot of fun and we decided to stick together and make more music.

What have you learnt after coming together as a band?
Arun: Our lineup would regularly keep changing. Our current lineup has been around for one-and-a-half-years. We learnt to adapt to people. Musical tastes differ from person to person and so does composing.

Has your music changed over the years?
Arjun: We were initially more progressive and now our style is different. Our sound keeps evolving.

Define your music style.
Ankit: We call ourselves a progressive, death and thrash metal band.

The band’s biggest influences…
 Kaushal: We all have our own influences and inspirations but collectively, we all are deeply inspired by ‘Meshuggah’, ‘Never More’, ‘Cynic’, ‘Death’ and ‘Tool’. We enjoy listening to them as  these artistes perform the sub-genres we play.

An interesting experience onstage.
Vibhas: In 2011, we won the ‘Wacken Metal Battle’ and were invited to play at ‘Wacken Open Air’, Germany. This made us understand the opportunities that are available outside and that’s how we all got a little more serious about the band.

Your latest endeavour...
Arun: We have been working on our latest album for a while now. We are in the
post-production stage. This album will be different from all our other works as it will be much more heavier metal music. The music might be a bit more aggressive. We were a bit restricted earlier in our music, but here we have decided to just let go.