'I've many scripts locked up'

'I've many scripts locked up'

'I've many scripts locked up'

Actor Rakshit Shetty is elated and why not? His movie ‘Kirik Party’ has been the talk of the town after completing 100 days in theatres recently and fetching an award at the recently held IIFA Awards. The movie has also received the ‘Popular Entertaining Film’ award at the Karnataka State Film Awards 2016.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about the laurels and the excitement around them.

What is running on your mind now?
The team and I are more than excited about how the film has turned out. It’s the end result of everyone’s efforts. I believe that it was the right decision to make the movie through my production house Parmvah Studios itself as there are no external people involved. It’s my first award as a producer and my joy knows no bounds.

You played the lead and the movie was inspired from your time in college. How does it feel?
The script of ‘Kirik Party’ was mostly inspired from real life. I think people were waiting for a movie like this which reminds them about the best part of their lives. Everyone would like to revisit that space. College students connected to the story as they were experiencing those moments, while the movie triggered sheer nostalgia among the older crowd.

How was the movie conceptualised?
As soon as I got out of college, I wanted to make a film based on my experiences there. It has been a long time since then. I have many scripts locked up about which I’m not sure as to when I will make them into movies. After ‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe’, the choice of films I wanted to associate with changed.

What do you think fetched this movie the State Award?
‘Kirik Party’’s dialogues and music fetched it the award. We didn’t create music which was completely out of context. The movie’s songs were interwoven into its script and didn’t just come in randomly. We composed the songs keeping the script in mind.

‘Kirik Party’ crossed 100 days of screening recently...
At a time when films are off the big screen within a couple of weeks, the movie has crossed more than 100 days of screening as it was something the crowd was looking for.

That was an awesome feeling. People want to repeatedly watch the movie because of the way it made them feel when they left the cinema hall. We were also lucky to take the movie across the world including Europe, UK, Singapore and USA.

Are you more nervous or excited now?
The pressure was always there. I don’t feel any extra pressure now. But the need to excel is constant, which will always be the driving force for me.