Getting the best deal at campus placements

Getting the best deal at campus placements

Getting the best deal at campus placements

For many students in their final semester of graduation, campus placement is a top priority. However, cracking the interview is not easy and requires a lot of preparation.

During the interview, recruiters test you on various parameters such as knowledge of core subjects, reasoning aptitude, adaptability and soft skills. Hence, it is important for students to build upon these and their employability skills. So, to ensure students get the best deal possible, institutes should focus on the following aspects:

Classroom and practical training: Institutes need to offer a mix of practical training and classroom teaching to ensure that students get a hands-on experience. While academia provides students knowledge in a particular domain, practical training allows them to apply what they have learnt in a real world scenario.

Vocational training and skill development: One of the biggest problems hiring managers face is to find candidates with the right skillset. This gap can be bridged through vocational training and skill development, which in turn can enable students to get the best deal they need.

Industry tie-ups: The disconnect between current education system and the industry requirement is a matter of great concern. It is here that institutes can help students gain relevant experience with industry tie-ups. When it is properly coordinated, it can create industry-ready talents and help various industries tap on the right potential.

Internships: Internships provide students an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to real life. They are, in fact, the stepping stones in the placement process.

Some companies even extend job offers to interns who do a good job during the internship, while others give an internship certificate that could help one land a good job.  
Soft skills enhancement: For a good campus placement, communication and soft skills are extremely important. Skills ranging from expanding business vocabulary and increasing communication skills to writing customised e-mails for clients and preparing PowerPoint presentations need to be part of the placement training. 

Job recruitment fairs: A number of institutes also organise job fairs to aid the recruitment and networking process. The attempt is to connect prospective employees with employers. Such recruitment fairs not only give students industry exposure, but also provide students real-time experience about the hiring process and methodologies.
Preparing for the interview

Companies no longer look for just academic excellence; they also lay great stress on a candidate’s suitability for the job. In such cases, mock interviews and assessment tests can prove to be great preparation tools. They provide appropriate grooming and build up confidence for campus placement interviews.

Institutes can also organise seminars, workshops and motivational lectures by industry stalwarts to help students understand the latest trends and projections in the industry. This can help them perform well at the interview.

(The author is chairman, ICA EduSkills, Bengaluru)