Bowled over by adventure

Bowled over by adventure

Bowled over by adventure

I believe in cherishing my weekends and making the most of it. It involves everything — from spending the day with my family and spoiling myself at a spa to binge-watching television series.

Having said that, it is the Indian Premier League (IPL) season and I am swamped with travelling almost every day around the country.

Being a part of the ‘Extraaa Innings T20’ leaves me only enough time to get on the plane, head to the hotel, change, go for the show and then get back on the plane to either home or the next location.

It is quite tiring and exhausting but I love it. Thanks for the busy schedule, I don’t get to include my daily workout routine. I try to squeeze in some time between the shooting.

Before the IPL season began, I used to be free only once or twice a month to completely enjoy my weekend. Winters in Delhi just finished, so it was lovely to enjoy lunch outdoors. My husband, Dheeraj Puri, and I spend whatever time we have together and do the things we love.

We are both foodies and we love going out to various restaurants to try out new things. Japanese is my favourite though. I do make Thai and Italian dishes at home. I try to eat healthy, so I make salads, roast chicken and other simple dishes whenever I get time.

Dheeraj, on the other hand, thinks he is cooking but he is mostly good at mixing things and preparing something. It’s not always a disaster, to be honest!

Though I am not good at making Indian dishes, I do make ‘biryani’ once in a while. It is very time consuming but I think it is worth the result. If we have both Saturdays and Sundays off, we usually cook on one of those days. The other day, we either go out or order in and watch Netflix. On our cheat days, we order ‘dal’ and ‘butter chicken’. I have been watching ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Iron Fist’ during my weekends.

My husband and I are also travel enthusiasts. It could be a weekend getaway to Jaipur, Mumbai, to the hills nearby or even to Kolkata to visit my parents.

We visit different parts of Europe during Summer. Last year, we visited South of France and Northern Italy. I’m patiently waiting for the IPL season to be over to head over to Maldives for a good vacation and our annual Europe trip.

We like both relaxing and adventure trips. I love going to Dubai for skydiving and of course, shopping.  Being an adventure junkie, I am always on the lookout for new things to try. It’s been some time since I had ‘alone time’ as I have been busy with ‘Label Kiss’, my fashion accessory label. We recently started an offline store in New Delhi less than a month ago, so that has been keeping me busy.

When I do get time, I like to pamper myself with a massage and all the other treatments available in the spa. I like reading, watching my shows and just spending some quality time with my loved ones.

It’s not easy to have a perfect weekend with my kind of profession, but the only way you can have fun is by making the most of it.

It might be exhausting to want to do a lot of things but at least you know that you won’t regret it later. As long as things are planned well, you can have a perfect weekend in any
part of the world.”

A few of my favourite things
Go for a run
Read a book
Japanese food

(As told to Anila Kurian)