Dazzle in a salwar kameez

Dazzle in a salwar kameez

Dazzle in a salwar kameez

Be it the cool cotton kurtas that provide respite from heat during summers or the colourful salwars which complement those pretty kurtas, with the right salwar kameez, you can strike extraordinary style statements. Neha Poddar, a young Kolkata-based fashion designer, tells you how to dazzle in a salwar kameez by keeping a few simple tips in mind.

A salwar is a pleated pant that can be loose, baggy or tight depending on one’s preference. While kameez is a long tunic-like top that goes with a salwar. Dupatta or chunni is a long scarf-like cloth worn around the shoulders. Explains Neha, “There are different types of salwar kameez. Mostly, the variations are in the types of the salwar. There is churidar, patiala, straight pant fit etc. The kameezes have many stylised versions. They can be asymmetrical, over-lapping or straight.”

About the trends of the season, she says, “This season, the more voluminous silhouette gives way to the straight long kurti and ankle length pant.” According to Neha, the youngsters these days prefer bright colours in ‘salwar kameez’. “They are very smart and fashion conscious. Bright colours would always look good on them,” she feels. “And they can always play with the different types of silhouettes available. Layering gives a more urban appeal.”

Ask her about the fabrics for the season and she says, “Since it’s summer, the fabrics have to be breathable. So cotton and linen are the best choices. For indoor functions, a mix of cotton and silk or chiffon are good options.”
Any salwar kameez will look the best with a well-matched pair of sandals and a clutch bag according to Neha. “A well-dressed person should be well-accessorised but not over-accessorised,” she opines.

Her advise for those on the heavier side is to go for smaller prints. “Avoid big prints as they draw attention to particular parts of your body. And don’t wear revealing salwar kameezes.” While she feels thin people have a wider range to choose from as most styles look good on them. “But they can always opt for the more voluminous garments like the patiala salwar.”

Neha feels that there are certain things one should keep in mind while purchasing a salwar kameez — occasion, season, budget and personal style. So while picking up a salwar kameez, should one go for a ready-made outfit or buy the material and give it for stitching? She answers, “In ready-to-wear dresses, you know what you are investing into. The style, colour, embellishments, etc can be seen seen together. But many a time, due to some mismatch in one aspect of the garment, the entire outfit is rejected by the customer.”

She adds, “Having a custom-made garment enables the customer to choose from a big range of options. So if you know what suits you the best, a custom-made outfit is the right option to go for.”

Perfect match-making
»Tina D’Souza, a young BPO employee, simply loves wearing ‘salwar kameez’. “I prefer to wear them especially during summers,” she says. According to Tina, they are comfortable and yet lend a formal look. “Jeans always look casual. But a salwar kameez can be made to look formal or casual depending on the occasion. Besides, they look decent on every Indian girl,” she says.
Tina prefers cotton salwar kameezes with her favourite colours being blue and brown. “My favourites are the short cotton kurtas and the current trend in my office is the tight-ankled salwar,” she adds. Tina prefers wear light-weight dupattas as they are easier to manage.
She purchases most of her salwar kameezes from Commercial Street. “You can get a range of salwar kameezes starting from a price as less as Rs 100,” she informs.
 About the accessories to go with, she says, “I prefer to wear matching accessories and sandals with pointed heels.”