'My height worked to my advantage'

'My height worked to my advantage'

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'My height worked to my advantage'

Actor Rajavardan is short of words when he tries to explain his excitement about his upcoming film ‘Noorondu Nenapu’. The movie is set in the 80s and is a multi-starrer project.

The actor had to go beyond his limitations while playing the character. In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, he throws light on his character and the film.

How did you get roped in for ‘NooronduNennappu’?

The script needed someone who was tall and I’m 6’2. My character Dayanand Shankar Patil (DSP) looks like Amitabh Bachchan and my height worked to my advantage.

Tell us about your character.
My character is a ‘last-bench student’. He rags students and doesn’t listen to the college management. He owns a garage and rides a Bullet around.

How distinct is your look?

I sport a retro hairstyle in the movie. My look is like how Big B used to be in the 80s — wearing shirts layered with jackets and bootcut pants.

What homework did you do for the movie?

The director had advised me to watch as many Amitabh movies as possible from the 80s to understand his look. I watched everything from ‘Sholay’ to ‘Deewaar’ and ‘Coolie’ to ‘Don’.

Some challenges you faced on the screen.
My character is left-handed and he smokes in the movie. I had to practise a lot to light a cigarette with the left hand. I do not smoke in real life and my character had to smoke 80s cigarette brands which were strong and

Is the project special to you?

Yes. The movie took me back to my college days. I used to score good marks but I would just ride around on my Bullet, reach classes late and do all kind of ‘masti’.

Since the movie is a multi-starrer, were you ever afraid of being sidelined?

Despite so many talents on the set, I knew that my role is distinct and that I had to do justice to it.  

Any amusing moments on the set...

The shooting was a lot of fun. Meghana Raj used to sing and dance to ‘Dhodamane Huduga’ and once she fell and hurt herself. Also, during the shooting at Belagavi, people would gather from 6 am to 6 pm on the sets, but would not know who the hero or heroine of the project was. I found this really funny!

What did you learn from this project?

I learnt the technicalities of the camera and direction during this project. I also learnt how to handle the script and how important it is to get the nuances of one’s character right.