Getting down to gizmos

Getting down to gizmos

The Silicon Valley doesn’t pose a surprise on this one. As the Gen-Y advances, gadgets and gizmos have almost become as much as a part and parcel of a Bangalorean’s life. Having the virtual world as entertainment, communication and as a significant mode of convenience, almost every Tom, Dick and Harry seem to possess a multipurpose widget.
Gadgets on the scene range from hi-tech multifarious phones, cameras, computers and various other gaming devices. Krutika, who loves gaming, said, “I love the Nintendo Wii, it gets me up and about!” Succeeding video game devices such as the PlayStation, Xbox and the GameCube, the Wii is a seventh generation gadget that has a wireless controller, (the Wii Remote) which is used as a handheld pointing device to play games.

With the trend of gizmos building up, a few from the City who are on a completely different league with their collection of gadgets, talk of their high-end contraptions.

Xavier, who loves photography, considers his DSLR camera his favourite gadget. “The one gadget I really crave for is probably a Hasselblad Camera. It is a professional camera that has 50 megapixels,” he adds.

On a more hi-tech note, Vishal, a programming buff, loves his iMac as it enables him to use applications such as Cocoa to code programmes. “I love the several things you can do with a Mac, it also helps me develop softwares for my iPhone, which is another favourite gadget of mine,” he says.

Taking it to a whole new level, Rahul, a complete gadget freak, claimed that his car was his favourite gadget. “I love my Audi A4, with a galore of buttons to press, it’s perfect for the fidget inside me!” he joked.

When these gadget lovers were asked if they could have one fantasy gadget made for real, their responses were swamped with creativity. Vishal said, “I would love to have an aerocar, so I can fly through the streets and beat the Bangalore traffic!” That’s surely something Bangalore is highly in need of! Xavier wanted a watch that would stop time, while Krutika said, “I wish there was a remote control that could command anything to service me.” 

Wacky ideas and wackier desires keeps this City on their toes as they wait for new gadgets every season. While their sophisticated interests and tastes keeps their expectations high, we’ll only have to wait and watch what 2009 has in store for us; as we don’t want to be 2008 or rather, 2000-late.