'It's a struggle to be on a diet'

'It's a struggle to be on a diet'

'It's a struggle to be on a diet'
Actor Sriimurali, who is known for his power-packed roles in movies like ‘Ugramm’ and ‘Rathavara’, is back in action with his upcoming film ‘Mufti’, where he will be seen playing an undercover cop.

In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about the movie and his role.

What got you interested in the project?

‘Mufti’ is different for multiple reasons. I’m working with Shivanna for the first time in this project. The movie has a new team and it’s a very dedicated and hardworking lot.

What genre would ‘Mufti’ fit into?

The movie is a mix of action, emotion, drama and thrill. It revolves around the dilemma of whether responsibilities are more important or one’s good deeds are.

The last few movies saw you in intense action scenes. In that sense, how different is ‘Mufti’?

The script has a lot more than just action. I play an undercover cop in the movie and my look is very different. Without looking like an undercover cop, one cannot portray the role. Compared to other projects, this one is a little more performance-oriented, where I will be seen talking and smiling a bit more. I will also be seen romancing the heroine.

We hear that you were not comfortable doing romantic scenes...

I don’t know where I have lost that charm. I keep telling my wife that she has drained out all the romance in me (laughs)! After some scenes, I was very embarrassed. I had to do too many retakes for the romantic scenes.

Homework done for the movie included...

Just like for any other movie, I have been hitting the gym religiously. Apart from that, I am on a strict diet, where my wife gives me some bland food! (sigh). I’m a big foodie and it’s a struggle to be on a diet. When I see people enjoying food, I think about how lucky they are.

How do you feel when you’re on the sets with Shivarajkumar?

I feel a sense of responsibility and I am more serious when I’m on the sets with him. I am always alert on the sets. He’s very fast when it comes to work, while I take time. I had to cope with his speed. I admire how he is cooperative and so good on the sets.

How did your family react when they heard that you were acting with Shivarajkumar?

Most of them didn’t believe it. I remember many of them were surprised.

Lessons learnt from the industry...

I am still discovering new things about myself. Everything looks positive at the moment. I strongly believe ‘What you do is what you get’.