'Yuvi is a wonderful human being'

'Yuvi is a wonderful human being'

'Yuvi is a wonderful human being'

British actor Hazel Keech  came to India when she was 18 years old. Little did she think that she would enter Bollywood and marry Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh. She likes to call it destiny and thinks that it was meant to be. Hazel’s love for everything Indian is what inspired her to visit india and stay on.

In the city with her husband for the IPL match, Hazel takes time off to chat with Nina C George about her love for cinema and being married to Yuvraj.  

On becoming an actor...
I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was 10 years old and have been a part of several Western television shows and Hollywood movies.  Bollywood was waiting to happen. I came here on a visit and when I started getting good movie offers, I decided to stay on. I realised that India was keeping me here for a reason.

What is your criteria for signing a project?
I have no prerequisites of what language I want to work in but I adore movies and love being a part of telling stories. The character is most important for me.

Your advice to aspiring actors...
Aspiring actors have to decide if they want to be famous or want to be an artiste. You can do anything to get famous, but if you want to be an artiste then you have to stay committed to your craft.

Life after marriage...
I am now far more famous than I have ever been. I can’t have a coffee in a normal
coffee shop anymore. I’ve always enjoyed my freedom and walking in the market. But now, I can’t do all that anymore.

What do you like about Yuvraj...
He is so popular but is so humble. Yuvi is a wonderful human being.

The best part about being together?
Yuvi and I love hanging out with each other. We make for a great team in whatever we are doing, and now after marriage we will be there for each other all the time.

Is this your first IPL tour after the wedding?
Yes it is and it’s wonderful to cheer for the boys.

How is it to be back in Bengaluru?
I love the city minus the traffic jams.