The angry young man

The angry young man

Gandhinagar Grapevine

The angry young man

There’s a lot of thought and imagination that goes into the making of director Guru Deshpande’s films. He has managed to present all his previous projects, be it ‘Raja Huli’, ‘Rudratandava’ or ‘John Jani Janardhan’, in a different format. He has also worked on the posters and designed the characters of all his previous projects in such a way that it stays with the viewer for a long time.    

The posters of his latest venture ‘Samhara’ have been doing the rounds for a while now. It shows actor Chiranjeevi Sarja in a totally different avatar. The director says actor Chiranjeevi has built a strong physique and his makeup has been tweaked to suit the character.

Guru and Chiranjeevi are coming together after ‘Rudratandava’. Guru says that he has always enjoyed working with Chiranjeevi because the actor effortlessly moulds into any role. “It’s easy to work with Chiranjeevi because he understands what the director is looking for in the character,” explains Guru. He also feels that Chiranjeevi’s face is best suited for action-oriented roles.  

The film ‘Samhara’ has Chiranjeevi portraying the role of an angry young man. It also has actors Harripriya and Kavya Shetty playing prominent roles.

“Harripriya didn’t take long to agree to be a part of the project after she heard the script. I was thrilled when she termed her role as one of a kind. She always wanted to work on a performance-oriented project and she found exactly what she was looking for in this film. I was impressed with her performance in ‘Neer Dose’ and had her in mind when I wrote the character,” says Guru.

He adds that Kavya’s character has also been worked on to appear bold, glamourous and attractive. “Both these women play a crucial role in taking the film forward,” he adds. Actor Chikkanna has been roped in to add a comic twist to the film.

Guru terms his latest project as a combination of thriller and comedy with a strong social message. “It’s never easy to get the right blend of comedy, action and romance in the same project. Here, in this project, I’ve managed to get that. I concentrate on working on youth-oriented subjects which I try to present in a colourful format,” says Guru.