New transfer rules irk govt degree college lecturers

New transfer rules irk govt degree college lecturers

Lecturers of government first grade (degree) colleges in the state have expressed their opposition to the state government’s move to compulsorily transfer 4% lecturers who are working in colleges in the A zone.

“The rules have been framed unscientifically because of which lecturers who were transferred only two or three years ago are being transferred again to taluk and grameen headquarters. However, lecturers who have been serving for more than 15 years in prominent cities such as Bengaluru and Mysuru are not being transferred,”  the president of the lecturers’ association, Dr H Prakash, said.

According to the new rules, based on seniority, lecturers who are serving in A zone have to compulsorily be transferred to colleges in B or C zones. The process of transferring lecturers, librarians, physical education instructors and non-teaching staff has already begun.

The lecturers’ association has appealed to the higher education minister and senior officials in the Department of Collegiate Education to change the rules of transfer.

The association says that the move to include taluk headquarters such as Shidlaghatta, Kanakapura, Hoskote, Challakere, Hiriyur, Mulbagal, Arasikere and Puttur in the A zone is unscientific.

According to guidelines for compulsory transfer, the department should make a list of lecturers, with details of colleges they are working in and number of years they have served there.

Based on the list and seniority, transfers should be effected.
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Identified for  transfer
208 lecturers in Zone A Colleges
196 lecturers in Zone B Colleges
146 lecturers in Zone C Colleges
Colleges in ‘A’ Zone: 137
Colleges in ‘B’ Zone: 158
Colleges in ‘C’ Zone: 124