We may become irrelevant if we don't cope with technology: PM

We may become irrelevant if we don't cope with technology: PM

We may become irrelevant if we don't cope with technology: PM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday stressed the need for technology in every aspect of life. He said if we don't cope with new advancement in technology, we may become irrelevant.

Launching SC's Integrated Case Management System, he said unfortunately for some people, the meaning of technology was limited to use of good hardware. “Problem is absence of mind set not lack of budget or technology,” he said, adding use of technology in judiciary would improve its efficiency.

“E-governance is effective, economic and environment friendly. Our challenge is how to bring it in every aspect of our life. If one becomes paperless, one saves lot of energy as one A 4 size paper consumes 10 litres of water,” Modi said.

He said after domentisation decision on November 8 last, it was realised that printing currency notes, keeping them safely and transporting those to ATMs required crores of rupees. “One can use paperless currency with help from technology and help in reducing such wasteful expenditure and empower the poor,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that Information Technology+ Indian Talent= India Tomorrow.

He also said his appeal for leaving subsidy for LPG cylinder motivated 1.20 cr people to come forward for it. The money thus saved helped in undertaking schemes for the poor. Though the Congress party in 2014 made raising subsidised cylinder from 9 to 12 as poll plank in 2014, he recalled.

Modi also called upon the lawyers to help in rendering 'pro bono' service to poor litigants. He lauded the judges for taking steps in hearing cases during vacations.

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said as many as 16740 district courts are now e-covered while 7 crore judgements are online. He said under the Digital India programme 28 crore bank accounts are now Aadhaar linked, which helped in saving RS 50,000 crore from being pocketed by middle men.

Chief Justice of India J S Khehar said the Integrated Case Management System is the biggest leap in judicial system under which the litigants and lawyers can get all case related documents online.