Beautiful Bharathanatya

Beautiful Bharathanatya

Music and dance reviews

Beautiful Bharathanatya

Beautiful Bharathanatya

The Nair sisters - Veena and Dhanya  - who gave a dance recital for the Bangalore Lalithakala Parishat, are the disciples of Narmada of Shakuntala Nrithyalaya. They have also learnt Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi and music.  They are recipients of scholarship from the Government of India and have performed under few prestigious banners many a time.

Veena and Dhanya showed a certain flair, emphasised by firm “Thattu-mettu,” right from the beginning. Ganesha shloka was followed by a Skanda Kouthva which was in the raga Shanmukhapriya (of Madurai Muralidharan). They presented the stately varna ‘Swamiyai’ with brisk theernamams.

Almost of same height and complexion, and beautiful stage presence, Nair sisters performed with deep involvement and graceful expression. The Papanasam Sivan’s kriti with dramatic elements and the Bharathiyar’s pada were more lively. They concluded with a brisk thillana of  TVG in the raga Rathi­pathi­priya. No doubt, Nair sisters have bright future in the years to come.

Nanda Kumar (vocal), Ashwin Nair (Natuvanga), Gurumurthy (mridanga) and Narasimha Murthy (flute) - supported the dancers from the side wings.

Tribute to Kishori Tai

Kishori Amonkar is respected all over as one of the greatest Hindustani vocalists and guru. The “Surbhahar” in association with Academy of Music, paid rich tributes to Kishori Amonkar. Three prominent students of Kishori Tai perfor­m­ed as a mark of respect for their Guru, last week.

Sangeeta Katti Kulkarni, senior artiste, opened the music session accompanied by Vyasa Murthy Katti on harmonium and Rajendra Nakod on tabala. She began her recital with Tilak Kamod. Her unhurried pace, gradual development of the raga, Madhyalay phrases brought a musical-serene mood in the Chowdiah Hall. Tarana in Drut Ektaal helped to enhance the impact. She concluded with a Abhang of Sant Tukaram.

Nandini Bedekar, senior disciple of Kishori Amonkar, chose rag shuddh Nat, neatly with her good voice. A composition of Kishori Tai also caught the attention but failed to carry the listen­ers to expected heights. Another student Raghunandan Panshikar's Rageshree generated a happy atmosphere. His Abhang was also evoc­a­tive. Vyasa Murthy Katti and Keshava Joshi accompanied on harmonium and tabala respectively.

A talented vocalist

G Ravikiran is a promising vocalist who is climbing the ladder of success in quick succession. He is a student of Dr R K Srikantan and T M Krishna and a engineering graduate too.

In his current concert for the Ananya Sangeethothsava, Ravikiran presented compositions by saint Tyagaraja. As a prelude to the keertana, Ravikiran sang Mukhari alapana briefly. Mukhari, the ancient raga is a  ‘Bhashanga’ raga and also a ‘rakti raga’ with emotional impact and a favourite of both musicians and connoisseurs. Ravikiran sang the raga with good “Bhava” and impressed in the kruti “Sangita Sastra Jnanamu.”

In “Svara Raga Sudharasayuta” Tyagaraja says,  devotion blended with the nectar of swara and raga is capable of leading one to salvation. He decorated the keertana with a detailed alapana and swara. But it was his nerval (Muladharaja Nadamerugude) which he rendered with spontaneity and abandon, specially caught the attention. H M Smitha on violin, Tumakuru B Ravishankar on mridanga and Bharadwaj Sathavalli on morching  rose to great heights in their supporting roles.