April fool banaya !

April fool banaya !

April fool banaya !

Attention please: Beware of pranksters today!Duhita Ganguly studies in Bangalore but stays in Andhra Pradesh. Her memories of April Fool’s Day revolve around a celebration that takes place at home. She explains, “My parents are social workers and their organisation has a celebration every year during this time. This is the time when many new people join the organisation so during this party, everyone fools the newcomers.”

“We blindfold them and tell them to walk on a row of glasses. We show them the glasses strewn on the floor but after they are blindfolded, we remove the glasses and have fun watching them walk in all directions,” she laughs.

Jude Dominic, a student of Oxford College of Engineering, recalls that one of his friends’ birthdays used to be on April 1. “But for two years we never believed her. We would never turn up for her parties,” he shares.

Once Jude and his friends even invited everyone for a talent hunt competition. “We told everyone to prepare well for the competition and on the day of the event, we locked up the venue and ran away!” Has he ever been fooled in return? “Till date, I haven’t been fooled but I am sure someone will fool me soon,” he smiles. 

But do the youngsters feel too grown up to be a part of silly pranks? Says Pallavi Koppar, a student of Christ University, “It used to be a lot of fun when we were kids — fooling people and being fooled. Being caught was such a big deal but I feel we have outgrown everything. But I am sure children still enjoy the day as they finish exams at this time and it’s something to look forward to for them.”

An age-old saying goes: ‘Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our foolishness’. So will you be adding on to your experiences this April Fool’s Day?


Hey you know, which is the best day to propose a girl? It’s April 1!
U know why?? If she accepts, its your luck
otherwise you can just say — “April Foooooll”

Sardar got into a bus on April 1. When conductor asked for ticket, he gave Rs 10, took the ticket and said “April Fool, I have a pass.”

31st March Or 1st April It Doesn’t Matter. A Fool is a Fool.  Wishing Very Happy, Prosperous and Joyful Fool’s Day to the King of Fools. :-)

How it started?

There is no clear explanation about the origin of April Fool’s Day. But most theories state that before the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar and New Year falling on January 1, many of the ancient cultures used to celebrate New Year’s Day between March 20 and April 5.
In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered the adoption of the new Gregorian Calendar, which specified January 1 as the New Year's Day. Despite this, many people continued to celebrate New Year's Day as before on April 1. These people were dubbed as fools by the others and were subject to jokes. They were sent invitations to nonexistent parties and had other practical jokes were played upon them.

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