Comedy in khaki

Comedy in khaki

Comedy in khaki

Ganesh turns Sandalwood’s own Dabangg with Pataki. A faithful remake of the 2015 Telugu hit Patas, Pataki has been tinkered with to give it a local flavour and some novelty.

It has Ganesh donning khaki for the first time, providing undiluted comedy for diehards.

With trademark mannerisms and choicest dialogues, he has viewers on a high.

As ACP Surya, Ganesh makes the most of his vardi, misusing his position and power.

Estranged from honest dad DGP Agni, he tries to put him ill at ease with his wanton ways — including working in cahoots with his paternal uncle, the scheming MP Rudrapratap.

While Surya becomes popular with peers and subordinates, his father continues to fume at his devious deeds.

There is a reason for Surya taking on his father. He holds him responsible for a tragedy in the family. However, an incident sees Rudrapratap and Surya turn foes, after which
Surya gives up his madcap ways and takes on Rudrapratap.

In essence, Pataki is a blast with dollops of family sentiments and romantic interludes. Ganesh and Sai Kumar bring the house down with their on-screen chemistry. But comedian Sadhu Kokila is the pits.

Kannada (A) **
Cast: Ganesh, Sai Kumar, Ranya Arya, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sadhu Kokila
Director: Manju Swaraj