When the proof is in the pudding

When the proof is in the pudding

Blending now

When the proof is in the pudding

No matter how full you are, there is always a space for dessert. The love affair with sweets is a constant one, but of late, there seems to be a change in what foodies look for.

Indian cooking has been evolving for some time now and of late, chefs who have had a wide exposure have started a new and exciting trend.

This is by blending Indian ‘mithais’ with various Western culinary styles. These relatively new treats have opened up the world of Indian sweets to people across the globe.

Closer home, Bengaluru’s restaurants have been adopting this trend tremendously. The Indo-fusion desserts are in fact up for grabs. ‘Farzi Cafe’ , ‘Bangalore Pantry’, ‘Puh se Pizza’  have been pioneering this trend here.

The chefs here have improvised on the fusion food culture with the joy of fancy food combinations like ‘Phirni tartlet’, ‘Mysore pak tart’,‘Salted caramel kulfi’, ‘Gulab jamun cheesecake’ and many more to add to the inventory.

‘Puh se Pizza’ in Koramangala offers ‘Gulab jamun cheesecake’ which is gathering a lot of attention.
      A ‘gulab jamun’ base with thick creamy cheesecake filling gives the dessert a very subtle Indian taste to it and is quite delicious too.

Mayank Agarwal, the co-founder of this eatery says, “I wanted my dishes to be unique and this dessert falls under it. A lot of people love this fusion.”

Similarly, ‘Bangalore Pantry’ in Indiranagar has a variety to offer on their menu. The ‘Salted caramel kulfi’ and the ‘Phirni tartlet’ seem to stand tall among other desserts.

‘Farzi Cafe’ has transformed ‘Mysore pak’ into a tart filled with cheesecake. This innovative twist will
only deepen one’s love for Indian sweets.

Dishes like this have created some park in the kitchens of Bengaluru.