Put the best foot forward

Put the best foot forward

Put the best foot forward
It is not just about getting the best pedicure. Shoes make a man. They really do. So if you were confused about which soles to give space to in your closet, here is a line-up of the essentials you need to make space for...

Get athletic

Nothing compares to a pair of comfortable sports shoes, whether you are off for your morning jog or running chores. The trick lies in ensuring that your choice of shoes flatters your age. “High-tops cover ankles and make for a younger, preppy look,” says fashion stylist Clint Fernandes. “You can choose dark colours like forest green, midnight blue, jet black, deep purple, mocha...” “White high-tops look really cool and spiffy, especially in the summer heat,” fashion stylist, Nitasha Gaurav, the creative mind behind actor Ranveer Singh’s eclectic look.

Go classic
Formal is as formal does. Says Nitasha, “I feel a patent finish in black formal shoes brings in that element of glamour and revs up your appearance,” she says. You can team the sharp duo with your suit and semi formals, suggests Clint. “This pair works at multiple levels, as it complements suits, deeper denims and blazers with trousers. Though, remember, lace-up, as opposed to slip on.”

Casual cut
Sometimes a lazy yet smart casual urban vibe gets things going with a set of smart loafers. Your perfect pick for a champagne lunch, a garden party or even a family barbecue. Coupled with crisp linen pants, or chinos they work well. “Choose a shade ranging from cream to brown. A deeper chestnut or dark brown works well for the evenings,” advises Clint.

Sandal up
Sandals look really cool on a hot day. “It is important to let your toes breathe as well, especially during the day,” says Clint. “They sustain beach visits, and function like a holiday staple in your footwear caddy.” So get ready to walk like Moses as you choose from a myriad range from Hush Puppies or Diesel. Though remember to stock your footwear in separate breathable linen bags and sprinkle silica gel packs in your shoe closet to keep humidity at bay.