Fruits that fight fatigue

Fruits that fight fatigue

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Fruits that fight fatigue

With soaring temperatures leading to fatigue and heat strokes, it is important to get adequate fluids into our systems and keep our bodies well-hydrated. The good news is that one of the best ways to keep yourself cool and healthy and beat the heat is to load up on the abundance of summer fruits that make their appearance this season.

“There is plenty of choice at this time of year, so those with a sweet tooth can take advantage of the fabulous fruit that is ‘in’ season. From mangoes to pineapples, pomegranates to watermelons, whether you have them in their natural state or use the pulp and juice in sherbets, smoothies or ice creams, make sure that you include as many different fruits in your weekly and daily diet as you can, to obtain maximum health benefits,” says dietician Sudha Ghokale.

“With all the exotic fruits from around the world available at a price, don’t forget the benefits of the humble tender coconut or the delicate refreshing palmyra fruit (also known as munjal or nungu). They are both from the same coconut and help keep up glucose levels and provide the right balance of minerals and  nutrients,” she emphasises.

But what else is especially good for you in the next couple of months? The king of tropical fruits, the mango is yet to make its presence felt in a big way in the City. Infinite in variety and flavour and loaded with beta-carotene, vitamin C and fibre, it is one of the staple summer refreshers.

Even the raw mango makes a delicious sweet-sour drink with a hint of spice. It is called panha or Mango Fool and is known for the cooling effect it has on the body. Summer would not be complete without a range of refreshing melons to choose from. From the most popular watermelon which is excellent in salads and juices to the  smaller cantaloupe, casaba and honeydews they are also a good source of vitamin C, potassium, beta-carotene and lycopene.The berry family is also in season and bursting with flavour. Strawberries and raspberries in particular are high in fibre and vitamin C.

Their deep red and purple colours indicate the presence of the phytochemicals anthocyanadins which are good for you. Apples in shades of red, yellow or green; sweet or tart, are a good source of fibre and have a nutrient called pectin which also helps in the management of high cholesterol.

Fresh or dried, sweet figs are one of the highest fruit sources of fibre and nutrients, great for replenishing loss of minerals due to sweat. Oranges, mousambis and grapes are great thirst quenchers. Loaded with vitamins, they don’t really need an introduction. Have them in their natural state or extract their juice, either way they are excellent sources of cooling nourishment.

Kokum or Mangosteen is another fruit that is highly beneficial in the hot summer months.Both the pulp and skin are useful to prevent dehydration, loss of nutrients and to improve digestion and appetite.Cooling sherbets traditionally made from rose petals, jasmine (mogra), sandalwood and kokum serve as refreshing summer drinks.