Kumble should have got an extension, says Engineer

Kumble should have got an extension, says Engineer

Kumble should have got an extension, says Engineer

Former India cricketer Farokh Engineer expressed surprise over coach Anil Kumble not being given an extended run, saying the decision by the BCCI to invite applications for the job that will fall vacant after the Champions Trophy is baffling.

“Well I'd have thought so,” said the former wicketkeeper-batsman on the sidelines of the India versus Pakistan game here at Edgbaston when asked if Kumble should have been given an automatic extension considering the success he achieved in his maiden stint as coach.

“I was surprised to see other people's names mentioned. But other people are also qualified and very good. So I don't know. (I am not sure) who is qualified enough in BCCI's terms?” he questioned.

“I don't know why the talk about a new coach being appointed (is raised). Tom Moody and Virender Sehwag's names were mentioned. I've spoken to both of them, both are very cool about it. But I don't think they should apply for a job like that. They should be invited by the BCCI. You know, you're not going for a clerk’s interview or applying for a purchasing officer's post to see who is better. They (BCCI) should already know who's the best person for the job and then take a decision. The BCCI always think they're the best judges of everything,” he said.

Engineer, who represented India in 46 Tests and has made England his home now, heaped praise on Kohli, saying he is certain to take India to the next level.

“He's a great cricketer and a great skipper as well. He's among the best cricketers in the world today. I'm all for Virat as the skipper. He’s doing wonderfully well. He's so passionate about Indian cricket and his own cricket. He's a real team man, the way he's got the lads to play around him, it's just fantastic. Can't sing enough praises for him. He’s the best thing that's happened to Indian cricket (now).”

Opinions have been divided on whether India should play Pakistan bilaterally, with some people feeling that sports and politics should be kept aside. Engineer said lives of people mattered more than anything. “I’m not sure (if India and Pakistan should be playing bilaterally). People have lost their families across the border. They may well argue why are we playing cricket against a nation that doesn't want to be friendly with us. It’s upto to the politicians to decide.”