The traditional aroma

The traditional aroma

Culinary heritage

The traditional aroma
With tree-lined lanes and old bungalows, Malleswaram —  one of the oldest localities of Bengaluru — has a charm that hasn’t faded over the years. Of all the rare and unique things there is a plethora of old eateries that many Bengalureans have been fondly visiting.

From poets and scholars of the bygone era to many new celebrity chefs, everyone enjoys savouring the traditional bites in Malleswaram. Many say that the older the place gets, the more authentic it is taken to be. Be it streetside joints or tiny two-floored ‘darshinis’, Malleswaram is a goldmine of legendary eateries.

Ask anyone and they’ll direct you to CTR for its famous ‘Benne masala dosa’ and pipping hot ‘Mangalore bhajjis’. Then there is Sri Raghavendra Stores which is said to serve only four items but has been going strong for more than 38 years.

Veena Stores, a popular tiffin joint serves some typical traditional food, that people line up for early in the morning. Meanwhile, ‘Halli Mane’ serves piping hot ‘obattu’ over the counter; there is no place to stand when crowds line up for their food in the evenings.

Iyengar Bakery also adds to the old-world charm with its puffs, baked ‘nippat’ and breads.

Naveen Suresh, a food blogger who is fond of street food, shares, “Malleswaram is a locality which makes up the rich heritage of ‘Namma Bengaluru’. It’s always a pleasure to stand and eat the amazing South Indian breakfast at the many places here. All of them are quite consistent with respect to quality and taste. These ‘value for money’ eateries have a strong patronage. I always tell people to visit some of these places if they are in Malleswaram.”

Pratheek Ponappa, another food enthusiast, also talks about his fondness for the many eateries in Malleswaram. “For me, Malleswaram is a home ground to a lot of good old traditional places like CTR, Veena Stores, Janatha Hotel and Raghavendra Stores among others. Many people visit them on a daily basis. Though I stay away from Malleswaram, I make sure to visit at least one of these legendary destinations whenever I am in the vicinity. Personally, I relish the ‘Benne masala dose’ at CTR paired with a refreshing cup of filter ‘kaapi’.”

Even the lesser-known food joints and vendors in the area can leave a foodie awestruck and spoilt for choice. So if you haven’t visited any of the eateries in Malleswaram, it’s time to plan your Sunday breakfast soon!