Minister faces flak for ritual to propitiate rain god

Minister faces flak for ritual to propitiate rain god

Minister faces flak for ritual to propitiate rain god

 Karnataka Water Resources Minister M B Patil came under attack in the legislative assembly today for performing rituals to appease the rain god, as the Opposition BJP today accused the government of practising "double standards" on such matters.

BJP, chiding the government, said the minister is performing 'parjanya homa', while the chief minister known for his rational outlook is propagating the need for anti-superstition bill.

The issue came up for discussion as Patil sought to clarify about the rituals performed by him that came under severe criticism.

He said it has been part of "our culture" and "tradition" to offer puja to rivers. The rituals were performed for the state's two important rivers, Cauvery and Krishna at their birth place for the "betterment" of people.

He clarified he had not performed any "homa or hava", but only "puja or japa". This was contradicted by BJP's Arvind Limbavali, citing media reports.

The minister had recently performed pujas at 'Talakaveri' and 'Mahabaleshwar' (in Maharashtra). He said it was done with the quest for a good monsoon after recurring drought in the state for three years.

Following criticism over allocation of Rs 10 lakh by the state-controlled Cauvery Neeravari Nigam Ltd for the puja, Patil went ahead with the rituals as planned, and had said he and his friends would bear the cost.

The minister in his statement today also cited various instances where such rituals or puja and even 'parjanya homa' were performed during BJP rule, specifically when Jagadsh Shettar, now opposition leader was chief minister.

He claimed Indian Space Research Organisation too performed such rituals before any launch.
As Patil alleged that BJP had spent Rs 17 crore for such rituals during their rule, the opposition demanded proof and asked him to be "responsible" before making such charges.

Taking a dig at Patil, Shettar congratulated him for taking BJP's "line" by following Hindu culture and traditions, which the Congress has tried to stay away from in the garb of "secularism".
sing "double standards".

When the chief minister with his rational outlook is propagating the need for anti-superstition bill, Patil who is one of the senior ministers is performing rituals for rain, they said.

"We are not against performing puja or rituals, every one has right to do it, but don't follow some thing and propagate something," Shettar said.

Stating that he does not believe in the philosophy that things will happen just by performing puja, he asked the minister to address the requirements of the people by taking up projects that will address their concerns.

Intervening, Health Minister Ramesh Kumar said care should be taken that no one crosses the constitutional framework, while dealing with such issues.