Experiencing e-parenting with the Parentlane application

Experiencing e-parenting with the Parentlane application

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Experiencing e-parenting with the Parentlane application

Parenting in the era of excessive stress is not as it seems for the millennials. They are under constant pressure of dividing time to enhance performance at work and spend more time with family. In such a scenario, Parentlane comes to their rescue.

In the ever growing realm of mobile apps and technology, Parentlane started as a mobile technology company that focuses on early child development and parenting. The startup is a comprehensive digital pediatric care platform that helps parents concerned about their child’s holistic development right from the stage the baby is born till eight years.

The company has also filed a patent application in India for its recently launched feature – GrowthCheck, a technology in the category, that measures the overall development of children between 0-8 years – the most critical phase when 90% of brain development happens.

When asked the startup’s founder Vijay Anand about the role of technology in smart parenting, he says he couldn’t understand what exactly stops new age parents from making the best of technology and reaching the ‘smart parent’ milestone. According to a Unicef study, 50% of children in India do not reach their full development potential at early childhood. Worse, 83% of parents suffer from anxiety induced depression, worrying about their children’s brain development.

Parentlane combines machine learning with patients’ own recorded reports (patient-reported outcomes-PROs) and expert assessments with its patent pending technology to deeply understand each child’s growth and development and leverage the community of experts to provide solutions to bridge the gaps in the child’s holistic development.

Right from the stage the baby is born till eight years, the company’s adaptive algorithm enables parents to know how their child is progressing against standard benchmarks versus other children in the peer group and help them identify focus areas to be worked upon, says Anand.

On the company’s app, the most common queries are around child’s growth and development, food and nutrition or health. “Apart from very few standards available on a limited set of milestones, there are no benchmark available to analyse how the child is progressing for every single activity that has a direct impact on over 100 areas on child’s development Parenlane leverages the real child profiles network and development data to build the benchmarking system and enables parents to get comparative insights based on similar profile of children,” says Anand.

The company believes that the parenting market in India is worth $30 billion and employs a team of 15 member. In future, the company plans to invest heavily in machine learning and data science for mining such massive amount of data to personalise the app for every parent as every child is unique.

Founded in 2015 by Vijay Anand and Neeraj Kumar Gupta, the startup had received angel funding from Capier Investments, the personal investment firm run by Rohit M A, co-founder of Cloudnine Hospitals, in September 2016.