Goodbye to dark spots

Goodbye to dark spots


Goodbye to dark spots

Pigmentation is a common problem, especially among women above the age of 40. The harsh rays of the summer sun add to the problem, leaving some of us with terrible skin.  
The production of melanin in skin is influenced by a hormone produced by the endocrinal system. Certain internal conditions have adverse effects on the endocrinal system, causing a hormonal imbalance. This results in the excess secretion of melanin.
Keratinisation, a condition characterised by the presence of the un-exfoliated dead cells on the skin’s surface, causes the  skin to darken.

In the case of liver disorders, it is found that excess bilirubin seeps out of the blood vessels into the spaces between the tissue cells. This imparts a yellow tone to the skin.
Here’s what you can do to maintain  your skin tone.

Step-by-step guide  
Cleansing: Cleanse your skin with a mild cleansing milk containing chamomile or rose water.

Toning: Apply a combination of rose water and two drops of benzoin to your face after cleansing.

Conditioning: Massage pigmented areas with one teaspoon of castor oil to which one drop of lavender oil has been added. Make a facial oil using one teaspoon of jojoba oil, a teaspoon of castor oil and three drops of lavender oil. Massage a few drops on the face.
Deep cleanse your skin with a gentle scrub. You can also make your own face scrub. Crush some almonds with a teaspoon of honey and gently rub it on your face for a few minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Use a face mask once a week. Combine one tablespoon of milk powder, one tablespoon of milk of magnesia, juice of half a lemon and one drop of lavender oil with yoghurt to form a paste.

Do’s and Don’ts
*If you notice  uneven skin tone in patches on your skin, supplement your diet with iron and calcium after you consult a dermatologist.
*If you have a pale complexion, supplement vitamin A in your diet to improve colour. Drink a glass of carrot juice every day.
*In the case of severe pigmentation for a long period of time, consult a physician.
Supplement your diet with vitamin B complex capsules every day.
*Do not use cosmetics that come with colouring agents. If you cannot avoid this, use minimal make-up.
*Use a sun block before stepping out in the sun.
*Avoid using oral birth control pills and sleeping pills.
*Those suffering from asthma and diabetes should use only the prescribed dose of medication. Remember to use a sun block when stepping out. Avoid distress and anxiety as much as possible.

Leucoderma is a skin condition that involves the loss of  pigment in certain sharply defined areas of the skin. The affected area looks white in contrast to the surrounding skin. The cause for this problem is yet to be explained.
Treat the affected area as normal skin and follow a normal skin care routine. Apply two drops of bergamot oil mixed with a teaspoon of mustard oil on the affected areas every day.

 Almond oil with two drops of basil (tulsi) oil used as a regular face and body oil is also suggested.

Home remedies
Cleansing scrub: Mix ¼ cup multani mitti (Fuller’s earth), ¼ cup dried orange peel, and 2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder or oatmeal and store in a container.
Take one teaspoon of this, add a few drops of water and apply on the skin. Use this mixture every day.

Almond scrub: A tablespoon of crushed almonds and ¼ teaspoon of your cleansing cream should be massaged well into the skin and rinsed after 15 minutes.
Scrubbing: While bathing, after you apply soap, scrub with a bristle bath brush or loofah vigorously all over the body. This enhances the blood circulation,which helps to cast off the stored-up toxins. It also gives the skin a healthy glow.