Update your dad's wardrobe

Update your dad's wardrobe

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Update your dad's wardrobe

The seismic life change that happens post-baby has a ripple effect on any dad’s wardrobe, and buying new clothes falls way down on the list of his priorities. But with Father’s Day fast approaching, a new agenda needs to be set. Here are a few tips to help you plan your father’s wardrobe:

The basics
Casual wear is something that doesn’t need to be over-the-top. By sticking to clean fits, versatile colours and classic finishes, you can add a touch of your own personality to the look.

Printed shirts
Subtle prints and layered looks give a new dimension to well-fitted shirts, by adding a hint of colour. Something as basic as a polka dot shirt in blue is enough to create a fresh look, and it can be accessorised without seeming overdressed.

Classy colours
Brown and blue is a classic combination. A pair of brown boots can be teamed with any pair of jeans. They also add a soft, rugged edge to your look no matter how you have styled the outfit. They’re great for toning down a variety of outfits.

Bare essentials
Everyone’s got T-shirts. They’re nothing new and they’re not the most exciting part of menswear. However, they’re necessary staples, and can be worked into several looks. Stick to simple necklines and styles.

Smart blazers
A trench coat or a blazer is always a good option, and can be worn in casual looks as well as more formal ones.

Rugged jackets
There’s nothing like a leather jacket to create a laid-back look. There are so many unique styles to go for, from bombers to biker jackets. However, they all have the same kind of finish gives them a rugged edge and a casual feel. A black T-shirt and some slim fit jeans go well with the jacket, without taking too much attention away from it.

Classic denims
Denim shirts are practical, classic and can be paired with almost anything. Denim shirts are now a staple in every wardrobe. If you are going for a double denim look, the rest of the outfit needs to be minimalistic. One effortless way to do this is to simply wear your shirt over a plain T-shirt to help tone down the colour.

Trendy footwear
White trainers can go with a lot of outfits. Despite their casual style, they match surprisingly well with laid-back outfits and semi-formal attire.