Spurned teacher kills colleague

Spurned teacher kills colleague

Hanumappa Puttammanavar lodged a complaint with Savanur police on Friday that Mahesh Basappa Aladakatti of Tondur village and Bharathi of Kalalakonda village caused the death of his daughter Kasturevva.

Kasturevva of Nagaramadu village, Shirahatti taluk, was appointed as a teacher at Kalalakonda primary school in 2007.

A colleague, Mahesh Basappa Aladakatti started pestering her to marry him, although he was married.


Kasturevva spurned his advances and told her parents about the harassment.
Mahesh was transferred to Kurubara Mallur village, but continued to harass Kasturevva on phone. 

Worried, Kasturevva’s parents decided to get her married and arranged an engagement ceremony on March 29.

Learning about the impending engagement, Mahesh persuaded another colleague, Bharathi from Kalalakonda to get Kasturevva to Savanur on March 28. There he again asked her to marry him.

When Kasturevva refused, an angry Mahesh hit her on  the head with a sharp instrument.

An unconscious Kasturevva was brought to Shivakripa Hospital at Hubli but died of the injury.

Savanur police have booked a case and are investigating.