Dad, stepmom confine girl to shack for 5 yrs

Dad, stepmom confine girl to shack for 5 yrs

Inhuman act

Dad, stepmom confine girl to shack for 5 yrs

The decrepit shack where Bhagya (right) was forced to live for the past five years. dh photo

Taking pity on Bhagya (26), a mentally deranged woman, who is denied even basic human dignity for the past five years, Mahesh and his friends exposed the cruelty meted out to her.  
Bhagya is the daughter of Giriraju from his first wife Mahadevamma. After his second marriage to Meenakshi he shifted Bhagya into a shack next to his house. The only ‘facility' that they provide is to throw some stale‘food' in a plastic cover into the shack once in a while. Bhagya neither has had a bath nor a wash. She emits foul smell as she  answers nature’s calls in the same place.

Siddamma from the village said “ Meenakshi  did not take care of Bhagya and persuaded Giriraju to keep Bhagya in a shack”.

Mani, Bhagya’s younger sister, is married and begs to help her sister. “I am begging my father to get Bhagya treated. My step-mother cannot stand us and I do not have any facility in my in-law’s house to take care of my sister. Please help to get my sister treated,” she pleaded.

Rats and rodents live along with Bhagya in the shack. Needless to say countless flies and ants swarm her body. Yet no one from the village has come to her help.

Tahsildar N C Jagadish told Deccan Herald that he was unaware of the pathetic plight. When it was brought to his notice he assured that he would immediately visit the village and render all help to get her treated. “ I will also discuss with the officials concerned to provide her shelter”, he said.