'Make sure you eat your veggies'

'Make sure you eat your veggies'

Canadian comedian

'Make sure you eat your veggies'
Being a diplomat’s son, Mark McKinney has seen the world. He grew up in Trinidad, Paris, Mexico and Washington DC.

He attended a boarding school in Ontario and then took up Political Science as his major in college.

It’s probably this nomadic lifestyle that gave him an understanding of the world and helps him create comedy content out of any situation.

The Canadian comedian and actor is best known for the sketch comedy troupe ‘The Kids in The Hall’, followed by television series including ‘Saturday Night Live’. He is also now a regular on the series 'Superstore' as Glenn.

Mark chats with Anila Kurian about his show ‘Superstore’, which airs on Comedy Central, and what he loves about India.

According to you, what makes a great comedy?
For many shows, the theme that has to be followed does the talking. But for me, a British class society whip has me chuckling.

Did you ever expect to make a presence in India?
You know what? India is really far away and it’s great to know that our work is recognised there. I’m quite delighted and hope there’ll be more to explore. I wish I could understand what made it interesting for the audience to watch ‘Superstore’ (TV series) though.

When was the last time you came to India?
It’s been a while actually but I love it there. It’s so colourful and I love reading about the political situation there. I still haven’t been able to understand it, but I enjoy learning about it.

What do you want to do the next time you are here?
I want to take a train ride around the country.

Do you follow any of the Indian comedians?
We do have Russell Peters in Canada who is famous among the expat community here. But lately, I came across Vir Das’ show about New York and New Delhi. I read about it, maybe I will watch it; it sounded interesting.

Do you remember the first joke you ever heard?
Oh, wow! You have me stumped. To be honest, if I remembered it, I would have repeated it. The only joke I can remember now is too dirty to repeat (laughs).

A joke you wish you wrote.
(Laughs) Too many to name! But plenty of French origin jokes — they are witty and hilarious. Maybe one day I will have one to call my own.

Are you working on any other exciting projects?
Aren’t I doing enough (laughs)?

So, how do you want to end this interview? Your last thoughts.
Kids, work hard and stay in school. Make sure you eat your veggies!